39: the sweaters!

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irl and ig !

"where's my apple pie?" gianna asked.

"that was yours?" chris looked at her with his mouth full of her apple pie.

"i would've strangled you but i love you too much to kill you" she hissed.


"hey guys so we put chris in the back cause he wanted to be with his girlfriend" nick adressed to the camera.

"yeah she's my girlfriend" chris smiled, squeezing her hand.

"what he's been saying for the 1000th time but who's keeping fucking count" matt groaned.

"fuck off matthew. anyways today we're doing a are we overrated? part 2 with me again. well it's actually a part 3 since we did it with madi but i don't know" gianna explained.

camera cut.

"i have to piss so bad" chris laughed.

"here" nick sighed as he threw his brother a cup.

"you guys the shirt nicky is wearing? on it is says john tees something" gianna started.


"your point is?"

"why are you pointing that out?"

"well like yknow, beach shop tees? or like restaurant ones? fucking underrated as fuck i swear"

"100% omg" nick agreed.

"i'd fuck that" matt replied.

"i'd fuck with that on the spot" chris said proudly, as he earned weird looks from his brothers and girlfriend.

"don't say shit like that" nick sighed in disbelief.

"what are we saying for this?" matt asked.

"underrated" gia and nick agreed.

"i think it's perfectly rated" chris said.

"no underrated" the three others replied.

"more people should be styling them in their everyday life" nick expressed.

"do you agree? do you disagree?" matt asked chris.

"no i agree. it's just that i wouldn't say it's underrated"

"then shut the fuck up" gianna hissed.

"you sound mad stupid"

"i asked you if you agreed and you said yeah i agree bla bla"

camera cut.

"pillow pets" matt read.

"un-der-ra-ted" gianna spelled.

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