38: first official date

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irl and ig !

as of right now, the couple was chilling in chris's room watching D3: The Mighty Ducks.

"this is the best movie ever made" she said making chris smile.

the girl became obsessed with these movies ever since chris showed her them in his hockey days. she always felt like the mighty ducks trilogy was home to her. she thought that because chris made her sit her ass on his living room couch for three hours just to watch the movies. kinda think of it, she felt home in the movies because her home introduced her to them.

"wanna recite this scene with me?" she asked all excited.

"sure but i'm charlie this time"

"ok. at least i get to be my bae vincent larusso aka adam banks" she said as he chuckled.

"they didn't tell me till it was to late. charlie believe me"

"yeah right preppy"

they both laughed while waiting for the next scene.

"yeah how do you like it banks?"

"yeah nice takedown you'd be in the box"

"go cry to your rich parents"

"that was uncalled for when he said that. he could said go do your mom" chris commented.

"if the movie was made in 2022. but in 1996, my mom told me that 'your mom' jokes weren't too popular"

"bro what? if i were charlie in the movie, i would've said it with pride. then i'd run off to meet my linda" he said pulling her closer.

"dude you're making me blush" she smiled.

"oh yeah?" the triplet smirked. "well i'm about to ask you is gonna make your cute ass blush even more"

"i doubt it" gia scoffed.

"let's go on a date. my treat" a tint of red grew on his girlfriend's face.

"you see? tomato face" he chuckled to himself.

"we'll see who's the tomato face. i'll be back in 50" she ran out.

"wait!" chris exclaimed.

"what baby?" she turned around.

he got up from his bed and walked to her. chris placed his hands around gia's waist while she wrapped her arms around his neck. the boy leaned in closer as he planted a small kiss on her lips.

"all better now you can go" he smiled.

the girl laughed and ran back as fast as she can to her house.

"hey gia" indiana greeted making gianna stop.

"hey indi can't talk bye!" she exclaimed and started running again to her room. while she was doing her makeup, she heard a knock on her door.

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