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At least Rosalie had turned on the radio.

Lily knew that the trip to Denali would take multiple days, but still, this was painful. She was just thankful that Rosalie seemed very keenly aware of the need to stop and feed. It was still a strange and foreign sensation. There was always a moment during the hunt when Lily could feel her entire control slip. It was disconcerting. She had never been so confident in her decision before. She could not control herself. It was going to be better for her and everyone around her to get some time away.

She found herself sinking into her seat as she stretched her legs out towards the window. Bree had taken over the backseat as fast as possible and Lily couldn't exactly blame her. She desperately wanted to get away from the tension. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to go. Lily even risked placing her shoes upon the glass. She knew it was one of Rosalie's pet peeves. She was daring the other girl to say something. It's not like Rosalie didn't talk, it was just in short stunted sentences. Sure, they had never been the best communicators, but this was different.

Only one thing had changed, Lily's condition. It was not to stop the negative thoughts screaming in her head. Every interaction seemed to be shadowed in doubt. Rosalie hadn't wanted Lily to leave, but maybe the reality of forever had scared her off. It wasn't a secret that Rose hated being a vampire. Maybe Lily's transformation burned away any love Rose could have felt for her. Lily felt what she could only assume was venom gathering in her eyes. It is always said that your first love hurts the worst, but this was supposed to be different. They were supposed to be different. Rosalie had said she loved her damn it. Sue her if she thought that it actually meant something. It meant something when she said it. Her mind came to a screeching halt as a voice filled the cabin of the car. It took a few seconds for Lily to process the words traveling past her ears.

"Really, Lilianna, feet off the glass. Gross." Rosalie's voice was slightly gruff from disuse.

Lily huffed a bit. "Make me." In a quick decision, Lily turned towards their driver and stuck out her tongue.

Lily could hear Bree faintly chuckling behind her. Rosalie simply rolled her eyes and focused back on the road. However, Lily could see a slight smirk on her face.

Lily felt some tension leave her muscles. That was good. That felt more normal. She felt a flash of hope fill her. Lily clung to it as a lifeline.

There was no way of telling if things could go back to the way they were, but not everything was lost. She could hope. All she had was hope.

One thing was glaring clear to her now.

She couldn't spend forever feeling like this.


They had barely stepped out of the vehicle before a fast moving blur rushed into view. Before Lily could even think, she was rushing to the other side of the vehicle to place herself between Rosalie and Bree and the unknown figure. A laugh broke out beside them as the figures all came to a stop.

Tanya had told them to be on their best behavior, but Irina knew it wouldn't stop Kate from messing with the newborns. She told herself that she would at least try to appease her sister, but the sight in front of them was too funny. Kate was standing in front of the three visitors with an amused smile on her face. Rosalie was the furthest away with an absolutely perplexed look on her face. The two newest vampires were in between the two blondes. The brunette was still focused on the unknown figure in front of her even though there was a hand across her chest pushing her behind the other figure. The blonde newborn looked the most shocked at their situation. Her eyes were wide, body frozen like a deer in headlights.

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