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I have started editing TMAHLQ part III, and as the parts keep increasing, the fun keeps magnifying. I'll be updating a few scenes from the book here, especially the funny ones, to keep you guys updated and hooked.

This particular scene is from "the hospital." Ashton was shot seven times, a grenade hit him and all of that massive shit. He was in the ICU since 3 days, extremely critical and before this incident happened, he and Sophia were not on talking terms since a week or two, I guess. So, Massimo is shitting his pants because the doctors said that Ashton might not make out alive, but fortunately, the badass does.

There are many funny scenes in tmahlq book iii, and I'll share SOME of it with you guys. The following being one:-



The doctor came out putting his stethoscope around his neck when I rushed forward.

"He is up and is stable."

Oh thank my extremely reproductive organs that he was okay.

I rolled my eyes and relaxed. Finally, he was up. I nodded and asked permission if I could go, meet him when he said a yes. Knocking on the door and thinking that he might not even have the energy to grunt to allow me to enter-

"Come in."-what a fucking son of a bitch.

Opening the door, I saw him looking up at the ceiling when his eyes drifted towards me.

"Hi sir." I couldn't control the smile which was so broad it was aching my cheeks. I was so so so happy to have my brother back.

"Heyyy." His voice sounded gruff but he did smile. Wow. Him and smiling. What a nightmare.

"How are you feeling?"

"How's Sophia? She's safe right?"

I rolled my eyes, "Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes-"

He closed his eyes in pain and muttered, "Shut uppp, okay I get it."

"No, it's annoying. She also keeps on asking about you."

His eyes shot open and he looked at me, "Call her this instant, she must be worrying sick. Tell her to relax or she'll get sick. And also tell Dr. Bills to remain on duty if Sophia gets sick."


I dialed her number when surprisingly after the second ring she picked up, "How is he? Is he up? Is he hurt? Is he-"

"Is there an option of muting the next person?"

"Massimo whatever your full name is, tell me is Ashton awake, is he fine, is he bleeding, is he-"

"He's awake, he's awake, and the first thing he asked about was you. You two are so romantic, I finna piss my panties."

She was silent for some time and then I giggled. Funny me.

She took a few seconds when she spoke, her voice low and cheekiness bold in her voice, "Oh shut up. Can I talk to him?"

I covered the mouthpiece and looked at him, "The lizard wants to talk to you. I thought I only understood Parseltongue, but turns out I can clearly understand lizards as well, the disgusting creatures slithering on the walls, scaring half of the population just by their oh-not-so-impressive presence. Would you, a clearly cold-blooded reptile or mammal or amphibian or whatever the fuck you are, would like to talk to her?"

He chuckled extending his arm to hold the phone, "Oh shutup."

"Funny how she just said an i-love-you to me by the same phrase as well. So, Mr. Ashton Romanno, I hereby confess being in my complete sanity that I too, love the living fuck out of you-"

"Are you giving me the phone or you're okay with losing your fucking penis? And then obviously girlfriend because you'll be useless."

I laughed before addressing her, "The sicko you are dating would be glad to be your client for today. Hope you lose your voice." and giving him the phone, I pinched him as he hit his foot against my leg and I left the room as they needed privacy.


Thoughts? And also, if you want more funny excerpts like this, comment here and let me know. I would love to update snippets before the actual release.

Also, TMAHLQ part I and II, are both on Amazon, both as kindle and paperbacks. Furthermore, the new book is up on Wattpad for FREE, so you can check it out.



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