𓅓ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ғᴏᴜʀᴛᴇᴇɴ𓅓

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Your father glares at Narmer as he sits at the other end of the table looking uncomfortable.

Maathotep insisted that Narmer has breakfast with him with the excuse that he wants to get to know him better.

But, you are shaking in your seat, afraid that your father would kill him just like he has done with the servant boy.

"Tell me, how long have you known my daughter, Narmer?"

You look at Narmer, curious at how he is going to answer this question, but also terrified if Maathotep disliked the reply.

But, Narmer doesn't share the same fear as you, he knows exactly what he is going to answer with.

"The princess is a childhood friend of mine, we have known eachother since we were nine" 

You take a sip from your water, eyes still switching between the two males.

"Strange, she never spoke about you" Maathotep gives you a side glance.

"We kept our friendship a secret because we knew, your highness, won't approve of it" Narmer explains calmly.

"Why did you enter the competition if you were just friends?"

Narmer glances at you and smirks slightly.

"Your daughter confessed that she liked me, and asked me to participate, yesterday she also tried to seduce me into sleeping with her"

Your mouth opens in shock at Narmer's false words, realising that he is getting revenge on you.

"What? No, he is lying, I would never do such a thing!" You exclaim, but Maathotep ignores you.

"Seth sent you here, didn't he?" 

You frown at the unexpected question, not understanding what is going on.

"You uncovered my disguise, huh? guess your daughter is the only naive one in the family"


Everyone one in the room obeys and leaves you alone with Narmer and Maathotep.

You suddenly stand up, attracting attention towards you.

"What is going on?" You demand.

Maathotep also stands up.

And before your very own eyes, he transforms into a very scary but familiar entity.

With the head of a falcon and the body of a human, he is also about 7 feet tall.

You have seen that figure too many times in your history books and the ancient Egyptian temples.


You let the name escape your lips, finally understanding that your dream is true.

Your father is Horus.

But, you feel like this is too much to take in and terrifying.

Nothing would have prepared to see Horus.

Your vision starts to get blurry, then your world goes black.


You gasp and quickly stand up from the floor, only to notice that you are back in your room.

Your study tablet is on the floor, all shattered after the explosion.

Running to the full body-length mirror, you look into it.

You are back in your body.

"Was that a nightmare?" you ask yourself.

Nevertheless, this rhetorical question gets answered.

"I wouldn't say that"

You look at your bed to see Nile laying on it in his cat form.

This was anything but a dream.

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