New friends

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Sundrop was cleaning the daycare. All the kids have left and he was left all alone again.

Vanessa busted through the daycare doors with news "You seem lonely. Anyways there is a new robot to help with nap time. Unfortunately he only works at night time so you will have to wait to meet him" Sun looked at Vanessa     "A NEW FRIEND YAYY" Sun was jumping up and down "yeah. Oh yeah make sure to meet him today he may seem scary but trust me he is not" Sun stopped jumping "scary?" Vanessa left leaving Sun is confusion "Hm he can't be scary"

He walked to the lights and debated if He should turn them off *flick* "hm that's weird there's nobody" Sun walked around and steped on some toys making a loud squeak


I was suddenly powered on and heard a squeak "Naughty you should be asleep during nap time" I heard runing and hooked my self onto my zip-line and I saw someone run into the play place "Oh you think you can run away?"

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