Time to sleep

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I heard bells jingle as I ran in a play structure *THUMP*
I gulped when he was on the ground looking for me "Naughty Naughty you must be published" Tears rolled down my face was this going to be the way I die? "Come out" the jingles got closer till I saw him. He looked like me but half his face seemed black with red eyes and blue pants with stars. Instead of spikes like mine he had a hat with the same pattern as his pants "I see you" he turned at me and lunged at me I screamed and ran away "OH this is how you want to play naughty naughty"

I was crying hard and couldn't breathe "NO NO NO" I realized I had screamed and I covered my mouth as I heard the moon giggle as he got closer "My my seems like your to tired to play any more" I fell because of a small toy I forgot to clean up suddenly the jingles of a bell stopped "Wait, you're not a kid" I looked up and he frowned as he held out his hand "I'm so sorry I thought you were a kid." I suddenly looked at him "IF YOU THOUGHT I WAS A KID WHY WOULD YOU CHASE ME DOWN" the moon giggled at me "I was going to put you go bed." He then picked me up and brought me into a charging port and waited till I was charged

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