A pretty lie

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I picked up sun after he charged "Uh so moony where are you taking me" I felt my face get hot and sun looked concerned "are you ok?" I put him down even more red "I uh yup I'm fine I'm going to just leave!" I ran away and hid.

Moon's face looked red he then put me down he then told me he had to go stuttering I called after him but he just continued to run. What have a done? I got up and followed him as he ran. I saw him run into one of the play structures similarlike i did seconds ago. I continued to look for him until I found him. He was sitting down covering his face "ARE you crying?" He looked at me with shock his face still red "Sun!" I was surprised and confused why he was covering his face but still I walked over and hugged him he then finally joined the hug "Thank goodness your ok I was so scared! I thought i hurt your feelings" I felt his face get hot and I panicked pushing a button that opened my stomach hatch inside was a first aid kit "ARE YOU OK DO YOU HAVE A FEVER?" moon looked at me and giggled "Sun I'm ok I just..." There was a long silence so I broke it "you... what?" he turned more red then he started to run "I'll tell you soon" I smiled and nodded still curious why he was so awkward. As I laid there I thought about him even though we just met i thought he was cute.

It was playtime and I felt sad. I wanted to see moony again a kid climed on me with a scared look "Mr.sunny are you ok?" I looked at him with a smile "of course I am.I am thinking about moondrop" the kids looked at me with a confused look "oh yeah yall don't know moony. Well you will meet him at nap time!" I pickedup the child and put him down slowly "YAY A NEW FRIEND!"

*A couple of minutes later*

Me and the kids were talking "Is it ok to like like a new friend more than a friend?" They stared at me gigging "Of course Mr.sun! Wait do you like Mr.moon AHH MOMMY SUN AND DADDY MOON!" I felt my face all hot "NO I WAS WONDERING HAHA AHAHAAHA MAHAHAHA" The kids obviously didn't believe me at all but still went with it. I felt guilty not telling the truth was a big rule not to break but I had to ignore the guilt

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