Chapter 27: Never insult Chloe

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 One-week later Sakura and Sasuke were at the airport to drop off Jiraya and Tsunade. Sakura hugged her parents goodbye to her parents.

"Be careful." Sakura said hugging them even tighter.

Jiraya looked at his new watch and said, "Honey we should get going."

The two tried pull away but Sakura just tightened her hug even more.

Tsunade looked at her daughter and said, "Uh Sakura dear, your father and I should get going."



Sakura sighed and let go of her parents, "Don't worry I'll be back home soon."

Tsunade kissed Sakura on the forehead, "And we'll be waiting for you."

Jiraya looked around and asked, "Where is Naruto?"

Sasuke answered, "Unfortunately he couldn't make it, Kakashi's flight lands today as well so he had to go and pick him up."

"I see well send him my regards." Said Jiraya as he pushed his cart.

Sasuke nodded and said, "Will do."

They waved as they watch the older couple walk away, Sasuke wrapped his arm around her and said, "Come on let's get you some ice cream, Naruto's gonna be here for while so we have some time for ourselves."

They headed straight to Andre's and saw Marinette and Felix.

Sasuke smirked, "Aren't you guys supposed to be in school?"

Felix shrugged, "We decided to sleep in and skip."

Sakura linked arms with Marinette and asked, "Mind if we join you?"

"Why not?" Marinette giggled, "Where's Naruto?"

"Picking up Kakashi, he's supposed to fly back in today and he has to prepare for an upcoming dance show he's judging. They're flying back to Japan next week." Sakura explained as she took her ice cream. "Yum blackcurrant and vanilla."

Sasuke looked at his ice cream and back at Sakura, he got a strawberry and mint ice cream, "Hey babe!"

Sakura looked at his ice cream and laughed, "We match."

Felix motioned to them to sit by the river. Marinette and Sakura sat at the edge while the guys sat down on the bench. Sakura and Marinette leaned on to each other enjoying the warm sunshine. Felix and Sasuke stared lovingly at their girlfriends.

Sasuke looked at Felix serious and said, "After Naruto leaves Sakura and I will leave not too long after we have to finish everything before we leave."

Felix was taken back, "I thought you guys will be here till the end of the semester?"

"That was our plan but we all have jobs, Sasuke have music fest coming up, I have an award show and a bunch of dramas coming up and Naruto will be busy with the show of months and that's before and delays." Sakura explained as she ate her ice cream.

Marinette looked at Sakura with puppy eyes, "Aw please stay longer."

Sakura smushed Marinette's cheeks and said, "You are so cute, but as much as we want to say we can't."

Sasuke nodded as he took a bit of his ice cream he cringed, "God this is sweet." He noticed Sakura practically devoured her ice cream and asked, "Sakura, do you want mine?"

Sakura smiled, quickly nodding her head up and down before skipping over to him. As she took his ice cream, she gave him a peck on the cheeks, "Thank you fiancé."

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