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A/n: sorry for not posting, I've been a bit busy but I'm here now to give you another chapter so, enjoy!

Eddie: school sucks!
Y/n: I know, but we have to go anyway
Eddie: can you make me some toast real quick?
Y/n: why can't you
Eddie: I'm gonna go start the car
Y/n: ok fine
* you gave Eddie a kiss and walked into the kitchen to make you and Eddie some toast, Eddie walked to a counter and grabbed his keys and walked out the door*
Y/n: what do we do know....
* you just played with a ring on your finger, some were store bought and others were Eddie's*
* bang!*
* you picked up the pieces of toast and grabbed your backpack, you walked out of Eddie's trailer and into his van*
Eddie: ready princess
Y/n: yep, here's your toast
Eddie: ooo, thank you so much
Y/n: your welcome!
* you passed Eddie a piece of toast and then started eating your own, you turned on some metal music and Eddie backed out of the driveway*

( at school)

* Eddie parked his van and got out, he jogged around to your side of the car and helped you out*
Y/n: thank you
Eddie: it's nothing
Y/n: hmm, how do you think people will react, seeing me matching you
Eddie: well, I think they will be surprised
Y/n: yeah me to
* you and Eddie held hands and walked into school*

( in school)

* you two walked through the halls, hand in hand, everyone was staring at you guys, a lot of people didn't support your relationship with Eddie but you didn't give a damn, after a minute or so of walking you found Dustin and mike propped up against lockers talking to each other*
Y/n: hi guys!
Dustin: hi- omg..
Y/n: what? Do you not like it
Dustin: no I like it, it's just wow
* you and Eddie laughed a bit and then mike walked up to Eddie*
Mike: did you make her do this or?
Eddie: no, trust me I was just as surprised
Y/n: love
Eddie: yeah?
Y/n: let's head to class
Eddie: can we skip
Y/n: no~ we already skipped this week
Eddie: come on, please
Y/n: no! Now come on
* Eddie released a loud groan, you took his hand and dragged him to class*

( in class)
Teacher: Harrington, Munson, your late..
Y/n: by 2 seconds!
Teacher: do you want me to call your parents
Y/n: no...
Teacher: good
* Eddie realized your saddened expression and squeezed your hand*
* you gave him a small smile, and then walked to your seat, Eddie sat down in the one beside yours*
Y/n: this is gonna be a long day
* you didn't really pay attention to the lesson, you couldn't stop thinking about Eddie and your parents but you pushed those thoughts away and just focused on Eddie, his hair, his beautiful brown eyes and the way they sparkled, his smile*
Eddie: y/n?
Y/n: huh, yeah
Eddie: you ok
Y/n: yeah, just deep in thought
Eddie: about me??
Y/n: you wish
Eddie: it was!
* he yelled, the teacher turned toward him and stared at him*
Teacher: Eddie Munson
Eddie: yeah..
Teacher: y/n Harrington
* you didn't want to speak so you just nodded your head*
Teacher: final warning...
* you sighed in relief*
' if I got detention mom and Steve would be pissed'
A/n: I know Steve and y/n live by themselves and without there mom, but I'm trying to say is there mom lives in there neighborhood just in a different house
* you crossed your arms on the desk and set your head on them, you were so tired of the teachers at this school, there so demanding and mean, they don't care what the students think*
Eddie: princess
Y/n: be quiet
Eddie: y/n
Y/n: what!?
Eddie: I love you
' your heart practically melted at his words'
Y/n: I love you to
* even tho you both were whispering the teacher still managed to hear*
Teacher: Munson! Harrington! Detention now!!
Y/n: wha- but
Teacher: go!
* you and Eddie walked out of the classroom and into detention*

( in detention )

* you felt tears prickle in your eyes, you new that your mom would hear of this, she told me a few weeks ago that if I ever get detention she would... somehow Eddie new what you were thinking about and pulled you into a hug*
Eddie: it's ok, I'll be there and make sure she won't do anything to you
* the tears finally fell as you wrapped your hands around his waist and berried your head into his chest*
Y/n: thank you Eddie
Eddie: don't thank me, just relax
* after a while you both finally took a seat, you grabbed a paper and pencil out of your bag and started drawing*
Eddie: what are you drawing princess
Y/n: a dog
Eddie: do you like dogs?
Y/n: yeah, there one of my favorite animals
Eddie: do you want one?
Y/n: of course, but Steve's never bothered and my parents hate the thought of having to take care of more than they have to already
Eddie: hmm..

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