Chapter 34 • Yay, I guess

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Ares King

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Ares King

I'm fucking done, this is the last forest I go into if they are not here I'm out.

"I'm sick of this shit" I muttered into the earpiece I had on to my parents, "Again, faster" I heard Mama yell at Rosa since they are training her right now.

"Just keep going boy" Papa replies to me and I rolled my eyes walking deeper into the forest, I don't have anyone with me but I do have weapons.

The whole plan is for them to catch me and lock me up with Seb and whoever they took. I have a tracker on me so that everyone knows where I am and follow my signal and end these motherfuckers.

I have been here for 2 weeks, searching in every forest they could possibly be in. Rosa has been really passionate about her training and I just know she will be really good, I'm proud of her.

I continued walking deeper and deeper for hours until I heard the sound of a foot stepping on a wood stick. I scoffed knowing I'm about to get fucked.

"Be ready, I think they will get you" Mama spoke and I could imagine her looking at the screen that should everything around me. The tracker can show them any bodies around me so they were making me sure that I'm getting fucked up.

Yay, I guess.

Sebastian Knight

I couldn't open my eyes properly, my blood was dripping down on the floor and Alejandro's state wasn't any better than mine.

The sound of the door opening made me let out a hopeless sigh. I wasn't cuffed in chains anymore since I couldn't move any muscle in my body due to the painful torture I received over the past...months? Weeks? I have no idea.

I don't know if I was dead or dreaming but I saw them throwing a figure into the cell next to us, I couldn't see the face until they were done cuffing them with chains and ropes, my vision wasn't even the best so I still couldn't tell who it is.

I coughed blood a thousand times today, the only reason they gave us food and water is to keep us alive to torture us. They push us to the edge of death and then stop, it's the worst pain I ever felt in my life.

I turned my head to the side as it leaned against the wall of the cell, I didn't have the power to even stand on my legs.

My eyes widened when I saw Ares but no words escaped my lips of how bad my state is. Ares was unconscious, his clothes were not so perfectly worn letting me know they took all of his weapons as well.

What are you doing here little fucker?

I questioned in my head, not being able to speak. I closed my eye for a few seconds before looking at Alejandro, his eyes were closed but blood covered him. Relief filled me when I saw his chest moving up and down, making me know that he is still breathing.

I moved my gaze to the blood that was dripping from my thigh, my shaky bloody hand grabs the dagger that was inside my thigh and try to pull it out, "Fuck!" I groan at the painful feeling when it moved upwards.

I didn't have the power to pull it out but I have to stop the bleeding. I grab it one more time, biting my lip to stop the scream of pain as I pull it out slowly, it hurts like a bitch but it has to be done.

I sigh and leaned my head against the wall. I wonder what my girls are doing? Are they okay? Do they think I died? Oh, fuck what is Madeline going through right now? I just can't imagine how bad they are feeling.

I would rather spend the rest of my life being tortured than running back to them and include them in more danger.

Rosa King

I threw the blade straight into the middle of the point. "Again" Papa demands and I grabbed the other blade and throw it on the other section, hitting the perfect spot once again.

"We have the location! We need to move because it sounds like they are going to kill one of them at any minute" Mama rushes into the room and informs us.

Without feeling I ran straight to the weapons room, Mama told me everything I should wear and all the weapons I should have.

I closed the door as I changed, I wore a bulletproof vest under my full black outfit, and I grabbed a bunch of guns and daggers as I pushed some of them inside the bag and some of them inside my pockets.

"Are you ready? We are all waiting for you" Papa's voice booms through the door, "Yes, let's move" I yell back and open the door.

I stepped out of the house and the air got stuck in my lungs. All of them, the German, Russian, and American Mafia were teaming up to bring them. Nothing can stop us from saving them.

"We got this okay, together" Mama pats my shoulder as we walked towards our cars. Mama, Papa, and I were in a separate car. Papa starts driving and all the thousands of cars followed us to the location.

We have been here in Verona for a week when Ares told us that they are here. Madeline is back at our house so she isn't with us, I made sure she is completely comfortable, also, she has the time for her life with Rajah.

"Are you ready?" Papa asks looking at me through the mirror, I nodded, "More than anything" I state looking out of the window as my hold on my gun tightens.

I'm coming to you mi amore, I'm coming to all of you.


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