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Hi everyone!

I really am so sorry for not having updated in so long....

But now I've had the motivation to write again, because I'm re-watching All of us are dead and there's something I noticed....

In episode 2 at 30 mins and like 06 seconds you can literally see Gyeong-su trying to help Na-yeon up, since she was on the ground, and it really made my heart break, cause even though she was always insulting him and hated him, he helped her and in the end she was the reason he died.

Not me crying over Gyeong-su again.

But now again, onto the story~~~

"Joon-yeong, you're too close to it's mouth-" I started shouting.

My eyes widened in horror as the zombie turned it's head slightly.

Then it bit Joon-yeong.

My heart stopped as I froze up almost completely.

But I quickly hit the zombie that was biting him away with my bat.

Joon-yeong fell to the ground as I dropped next to him with Mi-jin.

He stared at his hand, that was covered in blood and a large bitemark, with a scared expression.

"Hey, are you okay?!" Mi-jin asked frantically as I laid my hand on his shoulder.

No, this can't be happening.

We can't lose more people.

And we definitely can't lose Joon-yeong.

I bit my lip as tears started forming in my eyes.

I could have prevented this, but I was too late.

Why didn't I get that zombie off of him before it bit him?!

This is all my fault.

I felt my breath starting to fasten, panic rising inside of me, as my heart clenched with guilt.

I grabbed Joon-yeong's wrist and looked at the bitemark.

"Oh shit" Mi-jin mumbled.

"No...no, this can't be happening" I whispered.

Joon-yeong was looking around at the others.

"Shit. I said I'd take responsibility." He muttered, his voice trembling.

I couldn't control my tears anymore, ignoring everything around us, as they ran down my face.

"Joon-yeong..." I stuttered.

Then he jumped up, walking towards the wall of the barrier.

I somehow knew what he was going to do next, but I really didn't want it to happen, so I jumped up from the ground too.

I grabbed his arm tightly as he started climbing over.

No, what's he doing...?

He has to stay with us....

He just can't turn into a zombie...

He'll be fine, right?

"Joon-yeong, no" I said, my voice shaking.

He looked back at me.

"You can't leave us...you...you're going to be fine...you can't turn into a zombie..." I tried hard to express what I was feeling.

I knew I was acting stupid and that he would turn, but I didn't want to believe it.

"I...I'm sorry, Y/n. I have to take responsibility."

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