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Chapter - 45

Ellie Rose-

I took a deep breath as I walked down the dark luxury hallway. Everything here was extremely expensive and luxury. I couldn't help the fear I was feeling right now. I was going to meet Marcello Rossi. One of the dangerous and powerful Russian underground Mafia Leader. Since Mason came in my life, I've been dealing and meeting with new Mafia leaders but I never felt this fear before. As everything even the walls and floors were screaming fear. My mind was asking me to run but I've to meet this man to get my Mason back. Only Marcullo Rossi can help me to know where my Mason is.

Of course, Mason and Marcello are enemies. They're thirsty for each other blood. How am I even expecting him to help me to find his lifetime enemy.

"Are you Ms Rose?" A woman wearing tight red dress asked with her arms crossed over her chest as I stopped in front of a wooden door. Her hair was long blonde. She was really gorgeous. She must be his assistant or something. I don't know.

"Yeah" I answered confidently. She eyed me from up to down before giving me a smirk.

"I see, Mr Williams has good taste"

I rolled my eyes ready to speak but got cut off.

"Let her in" A dark deep voice said from the other side of the large wooden door giving me goosebumps. She move aside signalling me to go inside. I took a deep breathe darting my eyes off the woman and to the door as it slowly gor opened automatically. I walked past her inside the room. I swear to god, everything even the dark walls blended with red and marvel floors were  screaming luxury and fear once again.

I wished I didn't took the decision to come here.

I couldn't help but slightly jump as the large wooden door got closed behind me.

God damnit Ellie. Why can't you just be confident.

I stucked a piece of hair strand behind my ear as my eyes searching for that dangerous man. But He was nowhere. Also room was kinda dark. I felt as my legs were glued to the floor. That's when suddenly I felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around my waist causing my eyes to grow widened. I could felt his hot breathe near my ear and his hard chest against my back.


"Shh" He whispered. "You've no idea how impatiently I was waiting for you Ellie Rose"

I couldn't move. I don't know why. My heart was about to explode anytime.

"Mr Rossi you know this is really inappropriate" I answered quietly as I felt his lips placing soft kisses on my exposed neck. He let out a low dark chuckle and suddenly I lost him along with his heat from behind me. My cheeks were already red.

"Why are you here" He asked walking towards his glass desk with his hands inside his pant pocket. His back was facing me as he grabbed the glass of wine from the desk and took a sip of it.

"You know Mason is missing for 7 years and I want your-"

"He's death sweetheart" He said finally turning to face me.

I swear to god, He was another Greek God. From up to down he was just hella extremely hot and sexy. His lustful dark silver eyes never left mine as he took another sip of his drink.

I won't lie if I didn't felt like to kill him when he said Mason is death.

"He's not" I answered back firmly causing him to smirk. A sexy smirk mixed with evilly. After all he was a devil with breathe taking look.

"Well how are you even expecting me to help yo-"

"Fine then I don't need your help Mr Rossi. Thank you for your time" I cut him off feeling anger raising inside me. Before I could even move I was already pinned against the near wall with his strong tall body pressed against mine. My heart beat speed up from how close he was to me. His lips were only inches away from touching mine. I could see the fire in his eyes.

"Don't dare to cut me off again, дорогой" he muttered. (Sweetheart)

"Let go off me" I hissed trying to push him away. But who am I kidding he didn't even a move a little.

"You're even more beautiful in real than those pictures" he buried his face in my neck, kissing there. I was fighting hard to get him off me but failed.

"You Bastard let me go!" I muttered.

"Calm down дорогой.." He smirked gently caressing my cheeks. How dare him to touch me like this. "You know I can do anything дорогой and for you too"


"I know where Mason is" He said moving away from me and walking towards his desk. My anger immediately fade up and my eyes got widened. "He's safe"

I knew it! I knew Mason was alive. Nothing could happened to him. I couldn't help the smile taking all over my face. Tears filled my eyes. My Mason was safe.

"Then tell me where he's! Please I-"

"But it's not that easy to get to him" He said before sitting on his seat with his legs wide open.

"Just do whatever you can to get him back. Please" I said. My eyebrows slightly coming together as I walked in front of him.

He licked his lips.

"What will I get in return" He asked with a devilish smirked.

God. How could I forget he was a bastard after all. But I just want my Mason back no matter what.

"Whatever you want" I answered crossing my arms over my chest. He got up from his chair coming towards me like he was lion and I was his prey. I couldn't helped but took a step back. His eyes twitching with lust as they checked me from up to down.

"What are you doing" I asked. My voice coming low as he suddenly pull me closer to him by my waist. I put my hands on his chest to push him away but failed. His smirk grew widened as he moved closer to my ear.

"I want to bend you over that desk and fuck the life out of you"  He whispered.

"I want to bend you over that desk and fuck the life out of you"  He whispered

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