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3rd Person POV
Moon leaned back against the wall, crossing his arms and closing his eyes. Sun was playing with the children, putting on puppet shows and making arts and crafts.

One of the kids walked up to Sun and tugged on his arm. He bent down. "Yes superstar?" He smiled. "Can we play with Mr. Moon?" Sun looked over at the tired figure.

"I don't think Mr. Moon wants to play right now. But you'll see him during naptime, ok?" He gently patted the little one's head. They looked down in disappointment. "Why don't you show me the drawings you made?" He brought up a different subject, trying to make the children feel better.

An hour went by and Sun was exhausted. He looked up at the clock. While the kids were busy playing he walked over to Moon. "Moony?" He waved his hand near his face. Moon's eyes immediately opened.

He glared at Sun then looked away. "Naptime is very soon. Can you calm the children?" Moon looked at the jester, then walked towards the children. Sun watched him, smiling.

As soon as they laid out all the sleeping bags, the lights shut off. Moon made sure everyone was sleeping. He flew up and landed on one of the slides, the children still in his sight. Sun was sitting in the corner patiently. A few minutes pass, Moon heard small footsteps.

He flew down and quietly lurked around the daycare. 'Naughty children must be found. . .'

The noise got louder. He turned around the corner and found out where the noise was coming from. "What are you doing awake, naughty one?" The little one sniffled. "I had a nightmare." She said, hiccuping between words.

Moon's tensity loosened up. "Is that so?" He said, kneeling down. "Uh-huh." The girl nodded, then started to sob.

Moon brought her into a hug. "Don't worry, starlight. It'll be okay, it was only a dream." He said, rubbing his hand up and down her back. She hung onto Moon tightly.

She began to slowly, but surely calm down. Soon enough, she had stopped crying. Moon glanced down at the young one. "There, there." He gave her a few gentle pats on the back. She started to smile a little.

"Now, come on, it's still naptime." Moon said, getting up and walking back to the others. "Aww, man. . :c"

Once naptime was finally over, Moon began to wake up every kid. The lights turned back on and it was now time for everyone to get picked up. Many kids hugged Sun and Moon goodbye. Only one not waiting to leave. "But I want to stay!" She said,  hugging onto Moon's leg tightly. Moon sighed then bent down.

"It'll be fine, little one. We will see each other again tomorrow. Sun will have a lot more fun games to play and there will be no more nightmares next time." He said.

The girl raised her head up a bit. "Really?" She asked, sniffing. Moon smiled. "Of course. Now, go on starlight." The girl let go of Moon and happily walked away. On the way out, she rapidly waved to them.

Sun smiled at Moon then went over to the arts and crafts table to clean up. He picked up all the scraps off the floor then glanced at the table. "Huh. The kids used a bunch of glitter glue." He said. Moon walked over to help him clean.

(Or to make sure he didn't drink any bottles of glitter glue.) He spotted a piece of paper on the other side of the table. He picked it up.

He smiled at the drawing

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He smiled at the drawing. "Whatcha doin?" Sun said, peeking over his shoulder. Moon slid the drawing into his pocket. "It's nothing. Let's get back to cleaning."

Once they finished, they both went into their room. Sun laid down on the bed, sighing.  "Long day, huh, Moony?" He got no response. "Moony?" He sat up.

Moon was hanging up the drawing on one of the walls. Sun realized what the drawing was and smiled. Once Moon was done, he sat down on the bed, next to Sun. "You really adore her, huh?" Sun said. "That's surprising." Moon looked over at him. "What do you mean?"

Sun pointed at the picture. "The little one." Moon only smiled then laid down. Sun sat there and stared at him.

It was nice seeing him smile. He laid down aswell and opened his arms, telling Moon to crawl into them. Moon glanced at Sun, then did just that. Sun wrapped his arms around him and gave him a peck on the forehead. He closed his eyes. "Goodnight."

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