Period pain..

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A/n: please help! I have no idea how to end this story, well I know how just what should be the last line or lines so if anyone could give me an idea that would be great! ❤️

* I slowly opened my eyes to feel arms wrapped around me*
Y/n: Eddie?
Eddie: morning
Y/n: what time is it?
Eddie: 7:15 ( am )
Y/n: shit, we need to get ready for school
Eddie: wait, just maybe a few more minutes of cuddles
Y/n: absolutely not
* you got off of Eddie and ran into your closet to pick out a outfit*
Y/n: hey Eddie, what do you think I should wear
Eddie: umm... something comfortable
Y/n: very helpful
" in the end you picked this" ⬇️

Y/n: are you going to get up or no?Eddie: I am!* Eddie got up from your bed and you walked into your bathroomEddie: can I helpY/n: you want to help me get ready?Eddie: yeahY/n: sure, you can brush my hair and i will do my makeup Eddie: ok!* he wal...

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Y/n: are you going to get up or no?
Eddie: I am!
* Eddie got up from your bed and you walked into your bathroom
Eddie: can I help
Y/n: you want to help me get ready?
Eddie: yeah
Y/n: sure, you can brush my hair and i will do my makeup
Eddie: ok!
* he walked toward you, grabbed a brush and started brushing your hair*
Y/n: thank you
Eddie: it's nothing
Y/n: hmm
" after getting ready"

( downstairs )

Y/n: morning Steve! Oooh is that sausage I smell?
Steve: yeah, almost done
Y/n: perfect
* you and Eddie sat down and Steve served you both 4 pieces of sausage*
Y/n: so who's driving me to school?
Steve: I can
Eddie: me
Y/n: um, Eddie can drive me
Steve: oh, ok
Y/n: sorry Steve
Steve: it's nothing
Eddie: he can drive it's ok
Steve: it's ok Eddie
Eddie: alright
Y/n: ready?
Eddie: yep
Y/n: ok! Bye Steve love you
Steve: love you to! Be safe!
Eddie: we will
* you and Eddie left the house and into Eddie's van*
Eddie: I don't want to go to school
Y/n: well, to bad
* Eddie pouted for a while but eventually gave up and drove to school*

( in school)

* you and Eddie were walking through the halls and into the gym, that's where you and Mike/Dustin/max/ wait for you*
Y/n: wait, omg max!
Max: Hi..
* you ran up to her and hugged her as tight as you could*
Y/n: It's been so long
Max: yeah, I guess it has
Y/n: how are you, you know after billy-
Max: I'm fine can we not talk about it
Y/n: of course, sorry my bad
Max: it's fine
* you looked over at Eddie who had his arms crossed and was talking to mike*
Y/n: Eddie
* he didn't respond and just glared at you for a moment*
Y/n: really, right know!?
* he just continued to stare at you*
Max: what's wrong with him
Y/n: he gets jealous over small things like hugs and hand holding with other people
Max: wait, you guys are a thing?
Y/n: yeah we have been for a little bit
Max: hmm
* you turned away from max and walked up to Eddie and pulled him into a hug*
Y/n: let's not do this at school, yeah?
Eddie: fine
* he leaned down and put his head on your shoulder*
Dustin: it's honestly kinda annoying
Max: what is?
Dustin: I mean if Eddie was that clingy and jealous all the time to you wouldn't you be a bit annoyed
Max: yeah but y/n's his girlfriend I mean he loves her right?
Dustin: yeah, maybe
Max: then he maybe is just trying to find a way to express that love, and that may include being extra clingy and jealous of other people
Dustin: fair point
* ring!*
Mike: let us be saved by the bell
* Dustin hit mike on the shoulder and gave him a death glare*
Y/n: come on Eddie, you have English
Eddie: can you walk me?
Y/n: of course
* you and Eddie walk off leaving mike, Dustin and max*
* as you and Eddie were walking through the halls chatting and laughing until you felt a drop in your pants*
* you stopped and stared at the floor*
Eddie: hey, come on princess..... y/n you ok?
Y/n: yeah I just um..
Eddie: what is it?
Y/n: I need to use the restroom
Eddie: oh I can wait outside if you want
Y/n: sure I don't mind
Eddie: ok
* you and Eddie walked to the girls restroom, Eddie leaned against the wall outside and you went inside*
* you realized you didn't have any pads/tampons on you so you grabbed a quarter out of your pocket and put it into the machine*
Eddie: everything good
Y/n: yeah, everything's fine..
* nothing, the machine was rather broken or was out of tampons*
Y/n: shit..shit...shit
Eddie: what is it! Why are you swearing
Y/n: I- umm
* you slowly walked out of the girls bathroom and peaked over at Eddie*
Y/n: this is going to sound a bit weird but can you go get me a tampon from my backpack
Eddie: a what!?
Y/n: I'm on my period Eddie
Eddie: oh um, sure where is it
Y/n: my bag is next to my locker
Eddie: ok I'll be quick
Y/n: thank you!
* Eddie quickly left and you stood there wondering*
' did I make him uncomfortable, does he not like me know? What if I get cramps as were cuddling'
* but you were interrupted by Eddie jogging over to you with a tampon/ pad ( your choice)
Y/n: thank you so much
Eddie: yeah, but be quick class has already started
Y/n: ok!
* you snatched the tampon/pad from Eddie and ran into a stall*
* you grabbed some toilet paper to clean up the blood a bit cause you didn't have a spare*
* you put in the tampon or put on the pad and walked out of the bathroom*
Eddie: everything good down there
Y/n: yeah, I should've been expecting it
Eddie: yeah well..
Y/n: come on we're late!
Eddie: yep

( after class, at Eddie's trailer)

* you laid down on Eddie's bed, hugging your legs because your cramps were getting really bad*
Eddie: so do you need pads or tampons a extra blanket maybe
Y/n: yeah, could I get that extra blanket and a heating pad
Eddie: of course, anything else?
Y/n: no just stay in here with me..
Eddie: was already planning on it
* Eddie left the room and you could feel tears in your eyes because of the cramps and headaches*
Eddie: I'm back.. are you ok y/n
Y/n: yeah, just really bad cramps
Eddie: well your majesty here is your blanket and heating pad and best of all me!
Y/n: thank you
Eddie: I'm happy to help
* he passes you the blanket and plugs in the heat pad and hands it to you*
Y/n: have you done this before cause your handling this really well
Eddie: no, first time
Y/n: well your doing great, and um sorry if I'm grossing you out or making you uncomfortable
Eddie: it's ok, you can't help it it's fine
Y/n: awww come here
* Eddie got into bed and wrapped his arms around you*
Y/n: damn, I didn't need the blanket I needed you
Eddie: well you get both, just your luck
Y/n: hmm
Eddie: hey y/n
Y/n: yeah
Eddie: want a dog
Y/n: yeah, but would you help take care of it
Eddie: of course, I'm not a monster!
Y/n: that's obvious
Eddie: hmm
Y/n: can we just, stay like this it's really helping a lot
Eddie: sure
Y/n: thank you, honestly your so nice and sweet
Eddie: stop it!..
Y/n: make me~
* Eddie put his hand over your mouth*
Y/n: AHHH ok ok sorry!!
Eddie: your helpless...

A/n: sorry for the short ish chapter I'm really running out of ideas and the next chapter will probably be the last, sooo comment any ideas for the ending please or vote, hope you liked this chapter bye!

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