16. Allister, Allister, Allister

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Few hours later and the drinking had began. Everyone had gotten here not long after eight and we ordered a pizza eating it as we played never have I ever meaning by the time we had all finished we were all a little tipsy. Reese had brought a lot more alcohol than originally thought but we were halfway through it already, him debating if he should go the closest shop to get more.

“I need a cig. Coming?” Farrah grabs a hold of my arm not giving me much choice. I stumble as she makes me stand and follow her my head spinning. At least this was nothing like last time when I felt close to death. “I think Reese likes you.” She tells me as we stand in Ryder’s back garden her lighting up a cigarette.

“What?” I gasp already shaking my head no. “I think his straight.”

“Well all his done tonight is stare at you and go where you go. Plus all he kept asking you then was stuff about your sex life because his interested.” She points out.

“Well...” I’m speechless. Before I could think of anything anyway she tells me shush looking over my shoulder. Seconds later I hear him laughing and Chloe and Anton with him too.

“Guys truth or dare?” She shouts to them calling them over.

“Yeah. Out here?” Anton asks.

“Why not. Reese truth or dare?” She jumps straight to it not even waiting for them to get near us first. It doesn’t take them long though Reese answering truth as he walked. “Is it true you like guys?” She’s very to the point.

He laughs. “I’m bi.”

“Great. Next... Allister truth or dare?” She turns to ask me.

“Erm that’s not how the game works?” Anton chuckles confused though. Farah just again tells him to shush holding her hand with the fag in up at him.

“Dare I guess.” I’m just as confused.

“Awesome. I dare you to snog Reese.” She grins her master plan.

“I can’t. I mean I don’t think I can, well should.” I stumble stopping when Reese starts laughing coming and draping his arm around my shoulders.

“Why? Am I that bad Voss?” He teases me making my mouth hang open to deny that but not sure what to even say back.

“Come on then... I’m recording.”

Chloe sounds super excited. I look from Reese to her to see indeed she has her phone out aiming at us. Peer pressure winning I turned to Reese and grabbed his chin dragging him to me before either of us could change our minds. I pushed my mouth agaisnt his feeling even more egged on knowing this was being documented on video. Plus it’s not like I didn’t like it... Reese was hot and if Farah was right then into me too.

I wasted no time in sliding my tongue against his lower lip wanting access inside and he very quickly excepted me in moaning at the taste of me as he swirled his tongue very open mouthed and wet with mine. I dropped my hand to his neck then his chest touching as I went. He was quite fit his chest hard and very sculpted I couldn’t stop the hum leaving my mouth it vibrating into his no longer remembering that this was a dare and my friends were watching us.

His hand went to the side of my head forcing me to kiss him deeper and then just like that it was over as he pulled back heavily breathing grinning at me then glancing to our friends snapping me back into reality.

“Fuck.” I whispered wiping my mouth on the back of my hand staring at anything but my mates who were all being really over the top.

“Is it just me who thought that was really hot?” Farrah asks Chloe quickly agreeing while Anton made a grossed out sound.

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