Chapter 67 New Girl

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No one's POV

Currently walking to school, Ash, Rotom Dex and Pikachu were walking down the path, but as they were walking, they noticed Nhazul on the beach.

Ash: Huh? Nhazul?

The three of them then noticed that Nhazul was with a girl they've never seen before, who was hugging him.

Pikachu: Pika?

Ash: Who's that girl?

Rotom Dex: I've never seen her before.

Ash: I wonder if she's a friend of his.


After making it to school, everyone saw Ash walking in and greeted him.

Everyone: Alola!

Ash: Alola!

Serena: Nhazul's not with you?

Ash: No, I past him on the way here. He was with some girl on the beach.

Everyone, especially Serena and Lana looked at Ash surprised.

Everyone: A girl?

Ash: Yeah. They seemed pretty close. I figured she was another one of his friends.

Suddenly, Nhazul and Eevee walked into the room, seeing everyone.

Nhazul: Alola.

Everyone: Alola.

Mallow: You sure are late.

Nhazul: Yeah I had to take care of something.

Mallow: Were you by any chance with someone?

Serena: I don't know...

Lana: A girl in particular?

Nhazul just looked at them confused.

Nhazul: A girl? Not really. It was just me, Eevee and Latias.

Lana and Serena: Hmmm...

Nhazul just looked at the two of them annoyed, flicking their foreheads.

Serena and Lana: Ow!

Nhazul: ...-_-... Any reason why I'm be questioned....?

Lillie: It's just Ash said he saw you with a girl and we were just curious is all.

Nhazul: Well, I wasn't.

Ash: Huh... I could have sworn I say a girl... I guess I was mistaken.

Serena: W-Well in any case, are you free after school? I was wondering if we could hang out.

Lana: Hey, no fair! I was going to ask him to go fishing with me...!

As both Serena and Lana pouted at each other annoyed, Nhazul spoke up.

Nhazul: Sorry, but I can't today. I have something to do.

Serena and Lana both looked disappointed.

Serena and Lana: Huh...?

Nhazul: Sorry. Maybe some other time.


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