*-Pt.2: New Partner-*

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☀️Sun POV☀️
I slowly opened my eyes. I noticed I was laying on Moondrop's chest. I looked up at him but he was already staring at me. I immediately looked back down. Had he been watching me this whole time?

I tried to get up but Moon suddenly pulled me down. "Can I get up?" I asked. He wrapped his arms around my waist. "Only if you say the magic word."

I glanced over at him. "Please?" He let go of me, letting me stand up. I began to walk towards the curtains then stopped at Moon's voice."Going to go drink some more glitter glue?" He said.

I turned around and crossed my arms. "How do you know that?" I asked, confused. Moon snickered.

"I've been watching you. The drawings you do with the kids, the puppet shows you do for them, your little skips and dances," he paused. "And of course the insane amount of glitter glue you drink at the end of the day." He said with a smug grin. A small smile grew on my face until he got to the last sentence.

"I don't even drink that much glitter glue!" I yelled as I walked out.

Once I jumped down into the ball pit, I crawled out and quickly skipped over to the arts and crafts table. I glanced around to make sure Moon wasn't there. I picked up a bottle of blue glitter glue and started drinking it.

I felt a sudden finger run down my spine that made me drop the bottle of glitter glue and nearly spit it out. "Moon!" I muffled out with a mouth full of glitter glue.

He smirked then walked up to me. He picked up the bottle off the ground. "I wonder why you like this stuff so much, starlight. What does it even taste like?" He glanced at me. He set the bottle back down on the table.

He grabbed me, pulling me towards him and kissing me on the lips. One hand was on my waist and his other was on the back of my head. I started to overheat again. What is this feeling?!

He pulled out then licked his fangs. Fangs? Why do we animatronics have features like that. . .

"Hm. .too sweet." He wiped the glitter glue off of my chin with his thumb then walked over to the uncleaned mess at the other side of the table.

I stood there for a second then decided I should clean up as well. Once we were both done cleaning I sat down and relaxed for a bit!

🌑Moondrop POV🌑
I walked up to Sun and sat down besides him. I grabbed him by the waist and laid him down on my lap. I glanced down at his blush-covered face. He's so cute, who knew he could get so easily flustered?

I leaned down and trailed soft kisses from his neck, up to his jawline. Somehow, his face had gotten more yellow. "You get flustered at the smallest things sunshine. . ." I said. I placed my hand onto his cheek, raising his head up and kissing his other.

"M-Moon. ." He said, burying his face into his hands.

"Don't hide your pretty face." I snickered a bit at the sight and took his hands off his face.

I gave him a peck on the lips, then another on the forehead, then more on his cheek. I heard him giggling. His giggles are so adorable. "Stop doing that. ." He said, chuckling in between words. Being the good future boyfriend I am, I stopped.

He nestled in my arms, comfortably burying his face into my neck. I smiled, lightly tracing shapes on his back with my finger.

3rd Person POV
It was about 8:00 now. While Moon was busy flying around on his wire, Sun used the rope ladder to get up to their room. He skipped on over to the place he kept his precious Fizzy Faz and grabbed a can.

Once he walked out, he took a moment to watch Moon, finding his tricks amusing. He sat down at the edge of the balcony, opening up his drink.

He felt a tap on his shoulder, startling him a bit. He glanced to the side, seeing Moon crouched besides him. He smiled and pecked Moon on the forehead.

Moon plopped himself on the edge of the balcony as well, eyeing the drink. "What is that?" He asked out of curiosity, pointing at it.

Sun glanced down at the drink he had been holding, then at Moon. "It's Fizzy Faz." He said with a smile. "Wanna try?" He tilted the can towards Moon.

Moon squinted his eyes. After a second or two, he declined is offer. Sun shrugged. "You're loss." He muttered whilst sipping the Fizzy drink.

After that, Sun had way too much energy for Moon to even handle. It was already late, maybe a bit around 9:30. Moon kept Sun tightly wrapped in his arms, practically holding him hostage.

He tried calming him down with kisses and head rubs. He knew it was working, but Sun refused to fall asleep.

"Sun, darling, go to sleep." Moon said, trying to sound more calm than frustrated. Sun shook his head. Moon sighed.

He rested his back against the head of the bed, pulling Sun up onto his chest. He turned his heating pads on and began to smoothly run his hand up and down his back. He placed a kiss on his neck. "Sleep." He whispered.

Shortly, Sun had dozed off—with Moon's help of course. He glanced down at him and felt relief. He could finally fall asleep himself. "Goodnight love." He said, closing his eyes and instantly going into sleep mode.

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