Chapter 69 Confessions

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No one's POV

It's been a few days, and Mallow had received a Z Ring from Orangurn, as well as a Grass Z Crystal from Tapu Koko after working in Oranguru's cafe. Currently, the boys were training with their Z Moves, while the girls all watched Nhazul training with his Pokémon.

Garchomp: Gar!

Charizard: Zard!

Lucario: Cario!

Lucario proceeded to charge up an Aura Sphere, blasting it towards both Garchomp and Charizard, who both flew out the way. Rushing towards Lucario, Garchomp attempted to hit him with Brick Break, but quickly dodged out the way. Using Flare Blitz, Charizard rushed towards them, but Garchomp countered with Giga Impact, clashing and making a large explosion. Once the dust settled, the three just stood off with each other, before hearing Nhazul whistle, ending the battle.

Nhazul: Looking good, you three. Keep it up.

Garchomp: Gar!

Charizard: Zard!

Lucario: Cario!

Nhazul: You take a break.

Nhazul looked back at his other Pokémon.

Nhazul: Eevee, Glaceon, Silvally, you're all up next!

As the three of them took to the field, they all began to battle, as the girls continued to watch.

Mallow: Nhazul is really going at it.

Lillie: Everyone is excited and preparing for the Pokémon League, but I believe Nhazul is the most exited.

Serena: I mean, it's not that surprising. This could possibly be another step towards his and Sonia's dream.

Lana: ...

Mallow looked towards Lana and noticed she was very quiet.

Mallow: Lana? Is there something wrong?

Lana didn't say anything, before she began to blush speaking up.

Lana: I... I have feelings for Nhazul...

The three of them looked at Lana surprised, as Mallow spoke up.

Mallow: I mean, that's not really a surprise given how you are around him...

Lillie: If I'm not mistaken, I believe Serena feels the same way.

Serena didn't say anything, as she began blushing as well.

Serena: Yeah... I do too... I've actually had a crush on him since we were kids...

Lana: I haven't known him the amount of time as you, but it really feels that way. His kind heartedness, his silliness at times, the way he always encourages people, I don't know why, but that just drew me to him...

Serena: Yeah...

Mallow: Why the sudden confession, though?

Lana: Because it occurred to me the other day. Nhazul has finished his Island Challenge, and once the Pokémon League is over, he won't have anymore reason to stay here...

Serena: I thought the same thing. He'll go off and continue his journey... I have no idea when I'll see him again... Meeting him here was just a stroke of complete luck...

Lillie: I see... That is true...

Mallow: Then why don't you both tell him how you feel? Sitting around wondering won't do you two any good.

Both Serena and Lana began to blush, before Mallow continued to speak.

Mallow: It's like you both said. After the League, Nhazul won't have any more reason to stay. Who knows when you'll get another chance.

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