Chapter 73 Of Water And Fire

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No one's POV

It's now the second day of the Alola Pokémon League, and the first rounds of the final tournament were about to get underway.

Caster: Alola! Today is the start of the final tournament, and thousands of people have gathered here at Manalo Stadium to watch!

Watching from the booth, along with Lusamine, Burnet and Wicke, Inei and Syluvia were sitting and watching, while Margo looked out the window.

Margo: Big bro and Serena are fighting each other first, right?

Syluvia: That's right. I'm still surprised they're battling each other off the bat.

Caster: It's time for the monumental first match! Contestants Nhazul and Serena are entering the arena!

Both Nhazul and Serena made their way out and stood across each other on the battlefield.

Caster: Nhazul is a boy who hails from the Kalos region, and has cleared all four Grand Trials! While Serena, who also hails from the Kalos Region is a skilled Pokémon Preformer! The two of them are both childhood friends as well! The number of Pokémon allowed to be used is dependent on the amount owned by each trainer. Given how each trainer owns at least 5 Pokémon, their first round will be a 3 v 3 battle!

Halu: Contestants, send out your first Pokémon!

Serena: Sylveon, come on out!

Throwing up her Pokéball, Serena called out her Sylveon.

Sylveon: Sylveon!

Nhazul: Glaceon, let's go!

Throwing out his Pokéball, Nhazul called out Glaceon.

Glaceon: Glaceon!

From the stands, everyone was watching while their Pokémon watched as well within the field.

Sophocles: So they're stating our with their Eeveelutions, huh?

Kiawe: This will be interesting.

Mallow: Good luck you two!

Ash: Give it everything you've got, you guys!

Halu: Both sides, are you ready? Let the first round... begin!

Nhazul: We're making the first move! Glaceon, Ice Beam!

Glaceon: Glace!

Using Ice Beam, Glaceon proceeded to blast Sylveon

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Using Ice Beam, Glaceon proceeded to blast Sylveon.

Serena: Sylveon, quick! Use Protect!

Using Protect, Sylveon disbursed the Ice Beam, sending it flying in different directions.

Nhazul: Rush forward, Iron Tail!

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