17. Never had anything like it

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"You can have the sofa if you want but I do have four bedrooms." He tells me after we walk through his front door. His house was huge.

My entire house could fit in just his living room we are stood in now not including the massive open plan kitchen at the back of the room.

"Of course you do." I whisper as I look around in awe. He laughs at me.

"Make yourself at home. There's a shower if you need one and food in the kitchen and drink too help yourself. Do I need to lock up the alcohol?" He teases me making me very obviously fake laugh at him rolling my eyes.

"I will take you up on your offer of a shower. I know I had a bath at home but I skink of booze and smoke and I feel sticky." I laugh as I walk across his living room to his stairs.

"Oh! That's another thing I wanted to say and forget in the car. I didn't know you smoke? Not once before have you ever smelt like fags?" He sounds a little grossed out honestly.

"I don't." I laugh at the look on his face. "My friends do and I was outside with them when they were." I explain to him making him Oh.

"Good. It's bad for you and you're right you stink. I will leave you out some clothes and I will wash those." I go to tell him he doesn't have to but he won't hear it. "I don't want my sofa smelling and anyway your Dad will smell it on you tomorrow. That and the alcohol and you will be just as told off anyway as if you went home now. I will bring you some clean stuff." His decided. I thank him smiling like an idiot at how nice he was being even though I kind of felt like I didn't deserve it after tonight especially.

"I think after tonight I will be doing more for you in the office than bringing your morning coffee." I tell him, meaning I will need to think of more ways to make this up to him only he must think differently as he goes wide eyed before smirking at me again his eyes going up and down me.

"No. I didn't mean like that. I meant like two coffees or lunch or replying to all your emails for you or something." I hurry us both laughing.

"Sure you did. Dirty beggar. Come on." He smiles leading me off towards his huge wooden staircase, the type that had the bare wood exposed on the steps just a strip of grey carpet running up the middle of them all. "Oh." He stops halfway as he remembers something turning around to face me. "Don't go sending me pictures of you in your underwear again. Not unless you want me to save them to use them... and if so then don't do it just because you're guilty you kissed another guy. Okay?" I nod blushing. He just smirks at the embarrassment his caused me then turns to continue up the stairs me still red in the face following behind.

"Oh my god that was incredible." I breathe heavily as I flop onto the bed beside him. He leans up onto one of his elbows turning to his side to see me.

"That good huh?" He smirks at me his eyes unable to stay put as they ravage over my bare chest.

"Honestly I've never had anything like it." I sigh contently closing my eyes still able to feel him staring at every bit of my body on show.

"You know you really shouldn't come in here looking like that..." He trails. I open my eyes and smile at him loving how he acts like he finds it so hard to control himself with me.

"I'd do anything to be able to come around here and use that shower everyday." I ignore him.

"Anything?" He grins. I hum yes. "How about I let you if I get to spy on you in there whenever I want?"

"Worth it." I shrug. He moans as I sit up grabbing my towel to make sure it doesn't move and flash him as I collect the clothes he had already laid out for me. "You can go to bed now. I will go downstairs once I'm dressed and chill. Maybe try sleep some. You don't have to stay up with me. I will behave. Promise."

"Why you trying to get rid of me? I thought we could hang out?" He laughs. "Can you hurry and get those on. It's winding me up big time."

"What these?" I hold up the clothes and he hums a yes. "Oh... I'm bothering you?" I tease already knowing the answer.

"Yes you know you are." He groans. I grin and drop everything to the floor only picking up the black pair of his boxers he had gotten out for me. I step into them and slowly drag them up my legs underneath the towel I was wearing ensuring the entire time I had my privates from him. He was staring his mouth falling open as I pulled the towel from my body standing in just some baggy boxer shorts them literally hardly clinging to my hips falling low exposing some of my shaven pubic area. "You have no idea how fucking hot you are to me." He groans his hands bunching into the sheets below him.

"These are a little big." I point out the obvious playing with the waistband on the underwear wiggling them around showing him more of myself. I think even at one point accident flashing the base of my semi as he loudly moaned and through himself onto his back staring up to the ceiling.

"I should take them off right?"

"You dare!" He darts upright. "Allister! Seriously!" He warns.

"Sir-" He stops me as I let out a girlish squeal as suddenly his off the bed and right in front of me throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me back to his bed.

"Don't think I will let you get away with this. You'll regret it." He drops me down hovering over me.

"Make me." I poke my tongue out then go back to the edge of the boxers tugging at them. "Take them off me." I order. He laughs and forces both my hands over my head with ease even as I did put up a fight. He holds them together in just one of his big hands the other pointing at me.

"Don't." He points sternly before I spot his entire body relax as he lets that finger slowly drag down my chest. It's so light my eyes roll back in my head it feeling amazing to finally have him touch me. "Allister... the things I want to do to you." He purrs making me moan loudly. "Fuck you sound so good." He mumbles. I again moan louder knowing he likes it and it's probably convincing him a little to continue this. My moans cut off by another louder one as suddenly his lips are on my shoulder kissing then nipping at the skin.

"Dan-" He stops me.

"No... what's my name?" He teases.

"Sir." I quickly answer him telling me good. "Sir I want you to fuck me." I tell him.

"Oh I bet. You'd love to get your hands on my cock huh?" He asks very forward making me moan and frantically nod. "Yeah? Look what you do to me." He says. I open my eyes to see his boner surprised as the hand holding mine over my head drags them down to hold his erection through the joggers his wearing, every outline being felt as I did my best to squeeze him. "You want it?" He asks me again I nod repeatedly feeling like I couldn't tell him yes quick enough. "You can't Allister." He says making me whine. "Nope I'm sorry you've not behaved tonight. It's punishment."

"If I'd behaved you'd of fucked me?" I ask hopeful.

"Maybe..." He shrugs.

"I can behave. I will be good and make it up to you." I rush to tell him. He runs a finger over my lips smirking.

"Your pretty mouth will get you into trouble. I'd die to see your lips wrapped around my cock." As I'm lay below him I can't help but feel trapped, exactly how I like it if only I could touch him other than how I am. Still I'm trying my best to rub from through his clothes.

"I can make you cum. Please." I beg just wanting him...

"I know you can... you will if you don't stop that soon." He looks at my hands fondling him. It encourages me until he throws them back over my head. "We are stopping this here." He tells me making me complain and shake my head begging him no. "Yes. You will go sleep in a spare room tonight and I will take you home tomorrow. On Monday I want you in my office first thing okay?" I shake my head no. "Allister!" He warns.

I grind my hips up for some friction against him. "Let me at least cum in your boxers." I mumble desperate.

"Go for it but I'm not helping." With that he climbs off me letting my hands go. "Up." He tells me pointing to his door. I once again shake my head no and let my hands go to my cock inside his underwear. "Hey! Enough. Out." He says and stupidly, I think because honestly I love this side of him I obey moaning my unhappiness the entire time I went.

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