Chapter 27

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As I was about to walk into the elevator in the dorms I sensed someone behind me. So I stopped.   "What do you want katsuki". "Meet me out in city delta, we're going to have a talk" he said before walking away. "What do you think he wants to talk about" oni asked.  "I don't know but I feel like it's going to be more then just talking". Before I left I threw on a sweatshirt that was in my room. Then slowly walk towards city delta while talking to oni a little bit. As I walked up to the area I heard voices, five voices to be specific. Izumi, katsuki, katsumi, shoto, and shoka.

"So what is it that you wanted to talk about" I asked surprising them. They all looked at each other nervously before looking down. Then Izumi spoke up "brother we just wanted to say that we're sorry for everything we've done. Can you please forgive us". A tick mark appeared on my forehead. "You think that just a little sorry can make everything better after what you did to me". "We we're trying to protect you" katsumi says. "HOW IS THAT PROTECTING ME!" I yell. "We thought that if could scare you with our quirks that you wouldn't want to be a hero. We were scared that you would get killed by a villain" shoka half yelled.

"PROTECTING ME, you nearly killed me multiple times" I yell. "I'll never forgive you for what you have done" I say before walking away. "WAIT" someone yelled. I turn around. It was shoto. "What" I say in a demonic voice. " how about this, We'll fight. If you win you won't have to ever forgive us if we win you'll forgive us". I thought for a moment before a grin formed on my face. "I accept"

I stared across from them while they get ready. I was slowly swaying my tail back and forth as the spikes on my back popped up ripping through my sweatshirt one by one. "On a scale from one to ten how bad are you going to hurt them" " 11.5". Izumi and the others were discussing a plan to try in beat me. I started getting more and more annoyed the longer they took. After a good five minutes they were ready. "You will come back to us" Izumi said before starting up one for all. "I don't think so".

Katsuki rocketed towards me and threw a right hook. I caught the punch and threw him over my shoulder and onto the ground making him spit out some saliva. Something then lifted me up and launched me into a wall. 'Fuck. I forgot about Izumi's telekinesis'. I coughed as I started to get up but then a massive amount of ice trapped me. I made the blades on my arms pop up tearing through the sweatshirt sleeves. I shot a tornado of flames out of my fist before making an explosion to launch me out of the whole past my old tormentors who were for me on the other side. I jump off the side of a building and using some flames to boost me and I punch shoka in the back making her fold some and fall to the ground before I was hit my a blast from katsumi.

I was knocked back some but I balanced myself mid air and landed on the ground. Shoto then shot a wave of flames at me but I counted them with my hotter pink ones. They all dived out of the way before the flames could hit them. The Pomeranian twins then rushed me with one of the on each side launching them selves through the air with there explosions. I was about to raise my arms to block the attack but then something I couldn't see hit me in the stomach.

Time seemed to slow down as I was knocked back. I expected it to hurt but it didn't. I looked over and saw my body drop flat on the ground with the explosions going off right above it. Then grab katsumi's ankle with it's tail by pinching it in between the blades and then slam her in to katsuki. Then I was sucked back into my body. "What the fuck was that" "that was me". "Why did you do that". "Because we share a body and what ever pain you feel I feel too". "Are you going to do that throughout the fight" "probably" I chuckle a little bit before blitzing Izumi. She went to punch me with a one for all powered punch but I ducked under it and hit her in the gut. She got launched back and before she could react I rushed up to her and started hitting her with some flame powered punches.

I was suddenly kicked out of my body as oni used Izumi as a spring board to dodge an attack from katsuki and shoka. He landed on a wall the jumped off it and clothes lined shoto. The I was sucked back into my body and round house kicked katsumi who was near by. I spun my arm around before punching in front of me unleashing a tornado of pink flames. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed someone eating popcorn.


I was in my office reading some emails because I couldn't sleep. I thought I heard an explosion in  the distance but I brushed it off thinking my brain was messing with me. Until I got a notification saying that some of my students were fighting in city delta. I grabbed my scarf and went to city delta, I was pissed. When I got there I saw Izuku fighting Izumi, katsumi, katsuki, shoto, and shoka. I was about to step in until I heard something. "Popcorn?" I turned around and saw Hitoshi eating some popcorn and watching the fight. "What are doing out here". "I couldn't sleep and I heard fighting so I made some popcorn and came to watch". He threw a piece of popcorn into his mouth. I sighed before sitting down. I knew Izuku needed this. " I'll intervene once things get serious" I say grabbing a handful of popcorn.


Izuku grabbed katsuki's leg and swung him around before slamming him into the ground. He then jumped back to dodge a fire ball then shot a tornado of flames and shoto. As the fight progressed Izuku acted more animalistic. He was running and jumping around on all fours and using his tail instead of his fists. But the most notable this was that one of his eyes was like a cats and the other wasn't. Izumi was about to hit Izuku but before she could something happened. Izuku's tail was surrounded by his flames but instead of them being pink or purple they were red. He swung around pivoting on one arm aiming to slash Izumi across her stomach. Everyone's eyes widened.

Just before his tail could hit the flames dissipated and a white scarf wrapped around Izuku and held him in the air upside down. Everyone turned to see aizawa using his quirk on everyone and looking pissed. Behind was Hitoshi who was walking back to the dorm with an empty bucket of popcorn. As Izuku was in aizawa's capture scarf he was thrashing around like a wild animal much to everyone's confusion. "Izuku what we're you thinking" aizawa asked only getting a growl in response. Izuku started clutching his head in pain then his eyes went back to normal. "What happened?" He asked. "What do you mean what happened, you were just fighting" aizawa said. "I remember fighting i blacked out at some point though". Aizawa sighed before setting Izuku down and deactivating his quirk. "I don't care who started it or who threw the first punch we'll deal with that in the morning. But you all have four days of house arrest in the dorms" 


After aizawa told us our punishment I speed walk to the dorms thinking about the fight. The last thing I remembered before blaming out was red flames. When I made it do my dorm room I was about to jump on my bed until I say a weird lump under the blanket. I moved the Blanket a little and saw Mina who was asleep. I blushed before laying down in bed next to her. Then fell asleep.



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