Chapter 77 Back To The Beginning

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No one's POV

After Nhazul's match with Guzma, he had healed up his Pokémon, and took a walk to be alone for a few minutes, as he looked off in the distance with all his Pokémon.

Nhazul: We've made it, big sis... Just one more battle and we'll have another Champion title.

All of his Pokémon looked at him and smiled. But suddenly, he heard walking from behind him, seeing Margo, Zeraora and Syluvia.

Margo: Hey, big bro! Congratulations on making it to the finals!

Zeraora: Ora.

Nhazul just patted Margo's head smiling, as she did the same.

Nhazul: Thanks.

Syluvia: You've really been on roll. Make sure not to lose that momentum and take it home.

Nhazul: Yeah! That's the plan!

Syluvia: Oh, and by the way. Your aunt really wanted to be here, but she's currently defending her own title and told me to wish you luck.

Nhazul: I see.

Syluvia: She was really adamant about not losing. She told me she's waiting for a particular trainer, and refuses to lose her throne to anyone else.

Nhazul just started smiling thinking about Cynthia.

Nhazul: Well, hopefully that trainer won't keep her waiting too long.

Syluvia just looked at Nhazul smiling at him.

Syluvia: You've really became like her.

Nhazul: Huh?

Syluvia: Your big sister. You know how she was.

Nhazul then had a sad smile.

Nhazul: Yeah. I know. She would train all the way until the morning and sleep all day...

Syluvia: I'm looking forward to your battle with Ash. I shouldn't have to tell you, but don't let your guard down around Ash.

Nhazul: Yeah, I know. I know just how strong he is. But I'm still going to win none the less. I'm going to make our dream a reality!

Syluvia smiled at Nhazul.

Syluvia: Yeah, I know you will.

Back in the distance, Inei had been listening in to their conversation, leaning against a tree.

Inei: ...


Inei: Give up.

Nhazul: Shut up...

Inei: Give up. You don't have what it takes.

Nhazul: I do! I'm going to make it happen!

Inei: No, you won't. You're not strong enough to take on her ambitions. So give up and come home.


Inei: Is this all you can do? Is this all the power you've gained within these last 6 years?

Nhazul just looked at his dad annoyed.

Nhazul: Shut up...

Inei: I'll say it again. Give up and come home.

Nhazul: Shut up...!

Inei: You will never make her dream a reality.


Nhazul: Serena! Despite our relationship, despite how we feel about one another, as we stand upon this stage... We are both nothing more than Pokémon Trainers! Regardless if our goals differ, we're all aiming for the top! I will not hold back against you. To test my own potential, to accomplish big sis's dream! I will beat you and move forward!

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