Chapter six

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Quick note before I start this chapter
Just to clear up any confusion

I'm basically changing up the book because some people think it's inappropriate and I do too but it was just for the sake of the book
Demoni would remain FOURTEEN,I really don't care about the negative comments anymore
Plus I seen some people are okay with it
Dave is 20
Neyelli is 18

Demoni is intersex-he has boobs and a vagina and since he's basically his parents favorite (they love all of their children equally just that he's the favorite cause he's the last born) he gets to do whatever he wants..having piercing and tattoos etc..

But that's all,if you wanna know anything else
Just drop the questions in the comments
Thank you.

Jaylani's POV

"Nelly bring yo ass here,right the fuck now" I called out to her cause she bit my ass and then ran away

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"Nelly bring yo ass here,right the fuck now" I called out to her cause she bit my ass and then ran away

"Girl who the fuck you cussin at?" She asked walking into my room

"You bitch" I mugged and she snatched me up
Forgot this how small I am compared to her ass

"Call me another bitch and see what gon happen" well shit I stay horny so why not test her limits

"Do sumn bout it...bitch" I smiled

"Forgot how ya ass stay" she chuckled before letting me go making me groan

"Oh my gosh,fuck me or something,you fucked me one good time and got me begging after" I frowned

"Poor baby,come here" she said calling me to sit on her lap

She removed the strap of my top and kissed my neck down to my shoulder
I moaned out when she started sucking,leaving her marks on me

She gripped my hair,pulling my head back to give her more access

"What you want mama?" She asked now looking me in the eyes

"Whatever you want" I said,biting my lips as I felt my arousal grow

"Unt Unt,I wanna hear you say that was just calling me a bitch,back up to words pretty" she smirked before getting up with me in her arms

"Strap or vibrator?" She asked

"Strap and the second option" I said softly

"Hmm my pretty ass baby a lil slut huh" she said putting me down
Making me look up at her again

"Strip outta them clothes" she said,her smile now leaving,being replaced with an angry but yet normal face

"Position" she demanded

I walked to the bed and got on my hands and knees
"This okay daddy?" I asked

"Nah put yo hands to spread yourself,lemme see that pretty ass pussy" she said going into the draw

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