Chapter 79 Raging Dragon Vs Blazing Tiger

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No one's POV

As the finale battle between Nhazul and Ash for the title of Alola Champion got ready to begin, Nhazul proceeded to pull out his last Pokéball, throwing high into the sky.

Nhazul: Take to the skies! Garchomp!

Without warning, Garchomp rocketed back down to the ground, roaring.

Garchomp: GARRRR!!!!

Caster: And Contestant Nhazul's final Pokémon is Garchomp!

Lillie: The time has finally come...

Lana: I can feel the tension in the air!

Ash: So you're finally here, Garchomp.

Both Garchomp and Torracat proceeded to stare down each other intensely, as Nhazul and Ash looked at them.

Ash's thoughts: Back when you were a Litten, you didn't stand a chance against Nhazul's Garchomp.

Nhazul's thoughts: I don't know what you saw in Torracat, be it Stoutland's dying wish for you to train it, or it's drive to grow stronger reminded you of yourself as a Gible. But you didn't hold back against it at all...

Ash's thoughts: Garchomp was the one who trained you after Stoutland. It was the one who pushed past your limits to evolve. It was that moment that it acknowledged you as it's rival. It's been your goal to fight it on even footing... With your full power!

Both Nhazul and Ash looked at each other, as the crowd waited in suspense for them to make their moves.

Ash: Flame Charge!

Using Flame Charge, Torracat rushed forward towards Garchomp.

Nhazul: Block it!

Ash: Go, Torracat!

Torracat proceeded to hit Garchomp, as he blocked it, pushing Torracat back, as well as dealing damage due to Rough Skin.

Caster: Wow! Garchomp effortlessly repelled Torracat's attack!

Garchomp: Gar!

Nhazul: Let's keep it going!

Ash: Torracat, use another Flame Charge!

Using Flame Charge again, Torracat proceeded to rush forward towards Garchomp, faster then before.

Serena: So quick!

Lillie: Amazing!

Nhazul: Brick Break!

Garchomp proceeded to hit Torracat with Brick Break, only for it to dodge it.

Ash: Fire Fang!

Nhazul: Too soft! Knock it away!

As Torracat attempted to hit Garchomp with Fire Fang, Garchomp knocked it away with it's tail.

Ash: We're not done yet! Another Flame Charge!

Torracat proceeded to use Flame Charge yet again, increasing it's speed even further.

Sophocles: Could Ash be...

Kiawe: Yeah. He's planning to raise Torracat's speed to the limit.

Ash: Round and round! Run circles around Garchomp!

Torracat proceeded to speed around Garchomp at break neck speeds, as Garchomp just looked around.

Nhazul: Torracat's even faster then before.

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