Chapter 81 The Dark King

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(Fun Fact: Inei's name means "Dark" in Japanese)

No one's POV

As Nhazul had accepted Inei's challenge, everyone continued to look at him completely shocked.

Caster: Remarkable! Contestant Nhazul has accepted the challenge of the Dark King!

Sophocles: He accepted?!

Kiawe: Is he out of his mind?!

Lillie: He's putting so much on the line...

Ash: Even so, Nhazul isn't one to back down. So declining was never even an option. But there's nothing be worried about.

Mallow: Nothing?! He just put his entire dream on the line! There's plenty to be worried about! Nhazul could barely even do anything last time they fought!

Ash: That was then, and this is now. Nhazul's nothing like he was back then.

Serena: Ash's right. Nhazul won't lose.

Lana: He'll win for sure!

Syluvia looked over at the three of them and smiled. On the battlefield, Nhazul and Inei continued staring at each other, as Kukui looked at Nhazul.

Kukui: Nhazul... Are you sure about this...? You know what's going happen if you lose, right?

Nhazul: I'm more then aware.

Nhazul proceeded to walk back to his side of the felid, as Kukui looked at him.

Kukui's thoughts: Does Nhazul really want his father's approval that badly that he's willingly to put everything he's worked for, for the last 6 years on the line like this...?

Kukui then looked over at Inei, walking over as well.

Kukui's thoughts: And you... Why are so determined to push him so far like this...? To push him further away...?

Kukui then looked over at Hala.

Kukui: Please allow me to referee this battle!

Hala: Of course.

As Hala returned to his seat, Kukui took up the job as referee.

Caster: What a shocking turn of events! Contestant Nhazul has accepted the Dark King's challenge! Who has now taken the spot of Contestant Kukui!

(Start at 0:50)

Kukui: Both Contestants, choose your first Pokémon!

Inei took out his first Pokéball, calling out his first Pokémon.

Inei: Come forth, Aegislash!

Inei: Come forth, Aegislash!

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