28- The Truth

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Michelle pov

"Are mom and Cammy okay? They won't tell me anything." El said causing me to freeze. How am I suppose to break the news to her that our mother is dead and our brother also may not make it. How am I supposed to tell her that she is now an orphan and that this may all be my fault.

"El......" I say looking at her face to examine her. She looked eager to know the truth but the moment I opened my mouth her face dropped. "No, no, no, no, no, no" is all she kept repeating over and over again. Tears started streaming down her face. "Mom died at the accident and Cammy.. He may possibly be brain dead." I explained looking at her.

"Mom's" she said and then took a pause looking at her lap and  hands that were shaking."Dead?" she whispered. "I'm so so sorry El" was all I could say. She started breathing very fast while  crying. I just pulled her into a tight hug to give her some comfort.

After she sobbed my t-shirt wet she was exhausted and I told her she should get some sleep. I sat next to her bed holding her hand while my mind was spinning around about all kinds of things. I heard someone clearing their throat and when I looked up I saw Gracie, Oliver and Asher standing in the doorway.

"Hey" I smiled exhausted at them. "Hey you" Oliver said opening his arms for a hug. I got up from my chair and walked over to give him a hug. "Who told you?" I asked after we finished hugging. "Your brother Bernardo" Asher answered my question.

"Are you okay?" Asher asked me. "Yeah I'm fine." I shrugged. "Is El okay?" Gracie asked concerned next to her bed holding her hand. "She has a concussion and a broken arm" I explained to her to which she only nodded to.

"Hey can I talk to you? " I asked Asher."Yeah sure" he said kind of confused. We walked out the room leaving Oliver and Gracie with Eleanor. "What's wrong?" he asked as we were outside. "I need your help." I told him serious. "Okay... What kind of help?"

"The car that drove into us.. The driver was Nicklaus and someone was in the passenger seat. I need to know who it was." I told him. I know there is a chance that he won't be able to get me the information I needed but i didn't know who else to ask.

"I can call a friend, he'll be able to see if any of the cameras on the road caught anything." he told me as he examined me. "What else aren't you telling me?" he asked after a while. I looked him in the eyes and decided to tell him my theory since he was going to help me find out the truth.

"I think it was Sabrina." I tell him dead serious. He looked visably shocked "Are you sure, I mean she is your sister would she really do such a thing?" he asked me. "She's not my sister and she will do anything, she is a horrible human being if she can even classify as a human." I say angry even just thinking about it makes my blood boil.

"And if it is her? What are you going to do." honestly I just wanted to respond with kill her but I didn't want to scare the poor guy. "I don't know yet." I shrugged which was partly true. Every bone in my body just wanted to kill her but a part of me didn't. Taking a human life is wrong

But isn't that what she did? And why did Ben look so guilty when they got here?And where the hell was Sabrina? All these questions were running through my head.

Asher only nodded to my answer and then Isabella came up to us. "Hey can I steal her for a moment?" she asked mostly to Asher. "Yeah sure." he smiled and went back to Eleanor's room. "Hey what's up?" I asked

"Follow me" she smiled leading me to a room that was empty. We both took a seat and she looked.... nervous? "You okay?" I asked confusing not knowing what is going on. "Am I okay? Elle you just lost your mother, and your sister and brother are in the hospital. Are you okay?" she asked me causing me to smile.

She looked at me confused "You are probably the first one in the family to acknowledge them as my mother, brother and sister" I say looking at her. "About that, Michelle I am so so sorry. About everything. I'm sorry I didn't fight for you when Sabrina blamed you and I'm sorry I didn't stop dad when he send you to that school. And I am so fucking sorry that you lost your mother today." she said sincerely as a few tears dropped from her eyes.

"Can you ever forgive me?" she asked me nervous. "Isabella, I forgave you a while back actually. I didn't plan to if I'm being honest, my plan was to get close to Bear and Mags and just ignore the rest. But for some reason just something about you soften my heart. Just a little bit." I said smiling.

"I know you don't trust me but I am going to prove myself worthy as your sister. I promise you." she said determined. "And I'll be watching" I said. Bear then came through the door. "The doctor has news on Cameron." he informed me.

I got up and walked to the doctor who was in El's room who was waiting nervous while Gracie held her hand for comfort. "So I have good news, your brother is not brain dead but he does have a long road of recovery time ahead of him. Also for now we are going to keep him in an indused coma for a week or so. Only to help his body heal after all the trauma." he explained to me.

"Thank you so much" I said gratefully. He nodded and walked out of the room. "Thank God" I heard El say with relief. Oliver and Asher already left and honestly I have no idea where the rest of the Ferrari's were because I only know of Isa and Bear being here.

"What is going to happen know? Where are me and Cammy gonna live?" El asked kind of making me freeze for a moment. I had not think of this at all. "Maybe Aunt Lea" I say and ask at the same time.

"You really think mom would leave us with her?" she asked looking kind of discusted. Nonna had a sister Lea who we barely know but we have only met her once or twice and we have heard a lot stories about her. There was no particular reason that she and mom didn't see each other a lot but mostly because of their different personalities.

Mom was discipline and a perfectionist while aunt Mia is carefree and well a little crazy to be honest. But mom didn't have any other family that she trusts enough to leave her children with and I am sure that she would never leave El and Cammy in the child care system so it must be her.

"The social worker will probably come talk to you tomorrow." Isa said sympathetic. The room went silent, all of us in our own mind until Bear's phone rang and he stepped out of the room to answer it.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and opened a text from Asher."Got info on the person in passangers seat, meet me at Oliver's house tomorrow 7 am"  I just responded with an okay.

"We should get going it's late. Everyone is already back home" Bear said as he came back from his phone call. "You need a ride?" I asked Gracie. "No I'm okay but thank you" she said smiling I nodded smiling at her. Her and El were truly made for each other.

"Okay bye moron, love you." I said after kissing her head. "Love you too idiot." she said back. Me, Bear and Isa then left the hospital to go back home. I don't even think everything has sinked in yet but all I do know for sure is I will get to the truth.

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