Chapter 37 • "I'm here for you baby"

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

"Stop" I muttered to Alejandro when he was about to open the door of the room, I took a hold of the arms of the chair as I tried standing up.

"For fuck sake Seb, what are you doing?" Alejandro sighs as he helped me up, "I don't want that shit" I groan holding myself from falling as I took a hold of the doorknob.

I twisted it open as Alejandro helped me on pushing the door open, my eyes fell on Anastasia and Silas who were hugging each other in a chair, but there wasn't any bed whatsoever.

When they heard the sound of the door opening, they snapped their heads towards me and they gasped, "When did you wake up?" They rush towards me as they helped me along with Alejandro.

"That's not important, where is she?" I asked and Anastasia looked at Silas, "I need to see her, please" I looked at both of them as they sighed.

Silas held my left arm as Anastasia held my right arm and Alejandro had his arms wrapped around my waist gently to support me as I walked slowly. Anastasia moved the IV with me as I walked since the needle was still in my hand.

They opened a door to reveal a huge hospital room, my eyes fell on the love of my life laying down on the bed unconsciously as Sandro sat on a chair, holding her hand as tears streamed down his face.

My heartbeat went unbelievably fast as I tried running towards her, "Seb, no, wait" Silas tried holding me back, I was surly falling down if they didn't help me on moving faster.

"Sebastian?" Sandro gasps as he stood up but I didn't pay any more attention to anything or anyone. Anastasia, Silas, and Alejandro sat me down on the edge of the bed as I stared at my Rose, hoping that all of this is a nightmare only.

My shaky hand comes up to her pale flushed face. A lot of devices were placed on her, a bandage was wrapped around her head. I could help the single tear that slid down my cheek when I saw how much she suffered.

"What did the doctors say?" I asked moving my fingertips gently removing her hair off her face frame. Everyone went silent and I looked up at them.

"What did they say, someone tells me before I go and find out myself" I clenched my jaw and Alessandro sighed, "We will tell you when you're better Seb"

"No, I want to know now" I state and Anastasia comes into my view, she held my hands in hers before his eyes connected with mine. "She went through so many surgeries, Seb. They found so many bullets in her body and....especially her legs" My eyes widened as I slowly realized what she is trying to say.

"There is a high chance that we might l-lose her. They said if she made it...she won't be able to walk" Anastasia let go of my hands as she turns around, running her hands through her hair.

Silas rushes to her and wraps his arms around her, "If she wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest, she would have a 30% chance of surviving, but thanks to the vest, it became 50%. But she still needs so much treatment" Alessandro's voice cracks and I closed my eyes to stop the tears from falling.

"I want to be here with her" I spoke after a while of silence, "That's fine, I guess. I will go to tel–" Alejandro cuts Sandro off, "-We already did tell them to move Seb here don't worry"

I held Rosa's hand in mine before bringing our locked hands up to my lips, placing a kiss on the back of her hand.

"I'm here for you baby. I love you so much" I whispered placing my forehead against hers and applying a kiss on the tip of her nose.


"Tell them to move the bed closer" I muttered as my eyes started to close unknowingly since I was under the influence of anesthesia.

The pain raised in my body and they had to give it to me before it takes over my body. "We will, but look now she is beside you" Alejandro points beside me.

I looked at my Rose before placing my hand over hers, my eyes shut as my chest felt calm at the contact of our hands. Her hands were cold but I could feel the warmth of my hand warming it up a bit.

I love her, more than anyone could possibly love someone.

Ares King

"Stop! Please! Enough!" The two bastards yelled as I shot them for the billion times in one of the spots that don't kill them. "Beg, beg for me to stop and I will go way worse!" I shouted throwing two of my daggers on their shoulders.

Then I turned to the woman who I recently found out is Seb's mother, I can't fucking imagine having these as my parents.

I don't kill or torture women, but this bitch was the reason my little sister lost the ability to walk. And she will fucking feel what she had done, I will make her go through what my sister went through.

"Lilliana? Is it?" I asked as I grabbed my other gun from my waistband, my finger is shaking. Begging me to pull the trigger from the anger that's burning inside of me.

Without waiting for her reply, I shot her ankles. Both of them. Making her screams of pain echo through the whole basement. "Scream as loud as you want you fucking bitch"

"Do you really think that because you are a woman I wouldn't even lay a hand on you?" I scoffed with a dark smirk, "You are such a pathetic piece of shit" I grit slamming my foot on her ankles as she cried out.

"Enjoy your stay little shits" I slammed the door of their cell before walking out of the basement, heading towards my office.

I entered my office and headed straight to my mini bar, I poured for myself a glass of whiskey. I started drinking nonstop for over hours, that's the only way I know to forget about everything and everyone.

I drank so much that the last thing I remember is my office door opening and someone rushing to my side. The doctors told me not to drink too much but again...I don't listen to anyone.


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Mirabella <3

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