Chapter 38 • Alejandro & Bella

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Sebastian Knight

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Sebastian Knight

"Just a few more steps and we are done" The nurse informs me as she helped me on walking around the room, my eyes keeps glancing at Rosa every time and I couldn't help the guilt that takes over my body when I see her like this, knowing that the reason behind all of this is my father.

The moment I'm out of this hospital he is a fucking dead man. Roberto was already killed by Rosa, the only ones who are still alive are my wonderful parents.

I tightened my hold on the metal stick that held my IV as I walked a few more steps. The doctor said that I should walk a bit every day to make my healing become better and faster.

"Alright, that's it for today, Mr.Knight" The nurse helps me to sit on the bed before walking out, letting Anastasia, Silas, Alessandro, Bella, and Ares come in.

Anastasia sat on the edge of Rosa's bed as Silas was right beside her. Ares and Alessandro took a seat on the edge of my bed while Bella sat on the chair right next to my bed.

"I hope you are feeling a bit better now," Bella asks, I only nod until I realized there was no sign of Alejandro. "Where is Alejandro?" I asked Bella since I remember that she was with him.

"I-I don't know" She shutters and I frown at the sudden change in her features. That's when the door opened revealing Alejandro. "I brought some of your favorite snacks, and don't worry, the doctors said it's fine" Alejandro hands me a bag.

"Thanks" I sighed placing it on the nightstand, "Did the doctors tell you anything new about her?" I asked looking at, Anastasia, Silas, Ares, and Alessandro.

"Her body is reacting really well with the treatments but there is a chance that it might shut down at any moment due to the injuries, they took the bullets and gave her blood but still...they are not sure for how long she will stay like this, she still needs a long time" Anastasia sighs as she held Rosa's hand.

Silas had his hand wrapped around Anastasia's shoulders as another hand caressed Rosa's left hand. I shifted my gaze to the brothers in front of me and when I tell you they look so depressed, I mean it. It's not like I'm any better.

I looked at Alejandro and Bella, they were both acting as if none of them is there. Guess they got into a fight or something.

I let out a deep breath as I turned my head and stared at Rosa. Her face wasn't showing any sign of life and if killing myself for her would bring her back I would do it without hesitation.

If just killing a life would bring another one back.

My body soon becomes tired and the effect of the medicine started to show, my eyes lead slowly became heavy as I closed my eyes. And soon, sleep took over me.

Bella Castillo

"Mom and Dad will come, I hope that's okay" I spoke as I looked at auntie Ana and uncle Si, "I thought they wouldn't make it because Killian had problems" Auntie Ana frowns.

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