Chapter 41 • In-N-Out

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Rosa King

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Rosa King

For the past few minutes, the pain has been horrible. It just keep raising and raising that I could feel myself finally feeling something, regardless if it was pain.

The pain makes my body tense, my fingers moved without any control as I could finally feel the sheets between my fingers, but the weird thing that scared me is that I didn't have any control.

"Oh my god, Rosa? Shit...HEY! DOCTOR! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!" I heard Sandro yelling, my body jerked up at the loud voice as I could feel myself shaking.

I can feel everything except my legs. But my eyes are not moving, fuck it feels like they are too heavy.

"Calm down, I think she will wake up, she needs to open her eyes, now" When I heard the doctors rush inside I started to panic as I could feel them touching the wires I have on.

"Rosa, dear I need you to open your eyes and try to control your body" I heard the doctor say and I started fighting to open my eyes.

I can feel Alessandro's hand holding mine as he comforted me, "Come on Rosa, you're stronger than this, you can open your eyes, I know that you can sis come on" His words makes me tighten my hold on his hand and some light started peeking into my eyes.

"Yes, yes, yes just like that" The doctor holds me and pulls my body up a bit as I held my head at the strong headache, "Water, please" I heard the doctor say to someone, probably the nurse.

My eyes continue to blink until they adjust themselves to the light of the room, the doctor brings the glass of water up to my lips and I immediately gulped it down. As if it's the only reason I will stay alive.

"It h-hurts" I whimper as my head drops back onto the pillows, my voice was barely heard, "I know, that's normal dear, it will go soon," The doctor says as he changed the liquid that slides inside my veins.

He tells me to drink more water and I do as he says until I finished the glass. My eyes shift to Alessandro who had tears inside his eyes, I smiled at him before pain shoots in my body again, "Damn it" I groan.

"That's it, it will go" the doctor rubs my arm as he watched my health information, "Is everything okay?" I asked looking at him, my voice coming out as a whisper.

"Yes, it's only one thing you need to know, it's about your–" I cut the doctor off, "My legs, I know" I sighed helplessly as the doctor looks down, "Yes, that"

"It's okay" I smiled softly as he nods, "We will come back in a few minutes to check on you Ms.King" The doctor smiles before walking out, closing the door behind him.

I looked at Alessandro with a weak smile as some tears slid down his face, "Hey" I whispered holding his hand, "Hey" His voice cracked, "Can I hug you? But I don't want to hurt y–" I cut him off, "It's okay, come here" he hugs me and I tried hugging him back but the pain was too much.

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