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Lily was glad the house appeared empty when they arrived back. As much as she didn't want to let go of Rosalie, she didn't want to answer anyone's questions either. Even the brief loss of contact leaving the car was hard to handle. It was reassuring that it seemed to affect the other girl in the same way as she did not waste a moment in intertwining their fingers again.

Lily didn't even question where they were going as they headed upstairs. She honestly didn't care. She would go anywhere as long as the blonde was at her side. She was pleasantly surprised when they headed into Rosalie's temporary room instead of her own. She enjoyed how every surface had her faint floral scent covering it. She had gotten used to mostly staying in her room at home, but they weren't home now. It didn't matter too much. Their hands dropped as they entered the room.

"Change?" Rosalie questioned as she started going through a drawer in her dresser. She wasn't going to say it, but the scents of Kate and that stranger were starting to grate on her senses.


Lily took the simple clothes and turned her back to change. Rosalie tried her best to respect the girl's privacy but couldn't help but take a peek at the toned back. By the time she had finished changing as well, she turned around and caught Lily still staring at her ass. At least she wasn't the only one too weak to not look. As soon as Lily noticed she was caught, she looked away quickly.

"I don't mind you looking. You wouldn't be here if I did." Rosalie reached out and cupped the girl's face so she was forced to look at her straight on.

Lily nodded. "Ok."

Rosalie sighs internally. Lily had been brave in the car, she figured it was her turn now. She pulled the shorter girl into a meaningful kiss. Lily only looked a little dazzled as she pulled away.

"Lay with me?"

"I would like nothing else." Lily smiled softly.

Words felt as if they had run out for them this evening. They both felt content lying on their sides next to each other and looking at the other. Their hands joined together. Occasionally, Rosalie would squeeze Lily's hand tighter or Lily would open up Rose's to draw flowers into the palm of her hand, but still, no words passed between the two.

Every so often, one of them would cave and bring their lips together. Other times, it would be as simple as a kiss on the nose or the forehead. They were inexplicably drawn to each other. Each one of them savoring this time together never dreamed they would still have. To think, it was the first kisses they were able to share since Lily's transformation two months ago.

The dark quiet of the room painted a sense of privacy and security. Lily looked to be internally debating something before sighing.

"I thought you would hate me for what I represented. I hated believing I was your regret. I thought you felt burdened by my continued existence." Lily confessed.

"You are possibly the only thing in my life I don't regret." Rosalie peered into her eyes. She needed to make sure to wipe any doubts from the other girl's mind. How could Lily possibly think that? She was Rose's entire world.

Lily nodded quickly as she squeezed her eyes shut. She let the words wash over her. It was almost too good to be true. The whole thing could easily have been a dream, but as their lips met again, she was very clear this was reality.

Lily didn't bother to try to stop the moan that left her as Rosalie caught her bottom lip between her teeth. Rosalie froze at the sound as a wave of want crashed over her. She pulled back as she took in the face across from her.

Lily's eyes were still closed with her mouth parted slightly. She was fighting hard to keep herself in control. Her hair was slightly ruffled by Rosalie's own hands. The faint scent of desire entered the room.

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