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"It's day 65 that you're in a coma, Jiwoo," Sunghoon spoke as he grabbed Jiwoo's hand, who was still lying in the same position in that hospital bed with her eyes closed.

Two months flew by. Sunghoon didn't come home again. His grandmother had become too anxious and suffered multiple panic attacks. There is help with her, but it is not Sunghoon. For now, he's not coming back.

The boy sleeps in the hospital every day, eats there and continues to support Jiwoo in the process. He stays with her until she wakes up and is well enough to go home.

He is afraid, afraid that she would have changed personality. He had read that some people have memory loss after coma and don't even recognize people anymore, don't know how to use their things or panic when they see they are in the hospital.

Also, Jay was acquitted. Someone bailed him out of jail and no one knows who. He has been fired from his job, though. Everyone has become afraid of him, but since he got out of jail he is nowhere to be seen either. The same goes for Eunji. Rumors have it that Eunji did something with a police officer to get Jay released and now they have fled.

It's too hard. Way too heavy. There's too much going on in everyone's head right now.

"It's been a long time since you've been in a coma. I can't wait, wait for you to wake up and I can hold you in my arms again," Sunghoon continued telling his story to a nearly lifeless Jiwoo. "I've been waiting for months. Please wake up. The doctors want to bring you out of a coma because they don't think you're going to make it anymore. Please Jiwoo, show them you are strong."

"I'm awake..." A soft whisper sounded.

Sunghoon enlarged his eyes and looked around the room. There was no one there, no one but himself and Jiwoo. Swiftly Sunghoon stood up, still holding her hand. "Jiwoo? Is that you? Are you awake? It's me, Sunghoon!"


"Holy shit-" Sunghoon cursed under his breath and quickly clicked the emergency button. Within a minute, doctors came storming in.

"Sunghoon, what's wrong?" The doctor asked the boy.

Sunghoon pointed to the girl. "She's talking. I think she's awake."

Quickly all the doctors went and stood around the bed. "Her heart rate is going up," one of the nurses said.

"She's having a panic attack," The doctor said. "Give her tranquilizer."

For Sunghoon, it was all going just a little too fast. What suddenly happened? Jiwoo is awake? She doesn't have her eyes open but she's talking, her heart rate is skyrocketing and the doctors are now giving her tranquilizer?

He was confused.

Sunghoon watched the girl carefully, not even paying attention to the doctors. Slowly, the girl began to open her eyes. Very slowly...

"She's opening her eyes," Sunghoon said.

The doctors stopped what they were doing and suddenly became completely calm.

They are bipolar...

"This is so rare," The doctor said. "The chances of a coma patient waking up after months is so small, how-"

" Where... am I?" Jiwoo asked confusedly, looking around her. "Sunghoon... who are those people?"

"You still recognize me?" Sunghoon enlarged his eyes.

Jiwoo nodded slowly up and down. "Of course," She said and extended her arm to grab Sunghoon's hand, but the doctor stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

"What are you doing?" Sunghoon asked irritated.

"She can't move too much yet. She needs to recover first," The doctor said and removed the oxygen mask from Jiwoo's face, as she could now breathe on her own again.

For a moment it was heavy, but after a few minutes she could get used to it.

She's awake.


Welcome to the world again, Jiwoo.

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