Power move: No skill needed, Just be amused by confusion.

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The skyline falls as I try to make sense of it all,
I'd thought I'd uncovered your secrets,
But turns out, there's more

"[Y/n], slow down. Where is Lloyd?" His mum asked me, her hands guiding me inside of the monastery.

"I don't know, I had to run away. All I know about the ghost is that his name must begin with M, because he didn't want me to know his name."

Wu and Lloyd's mum shared a look, "Morro..." Wu muttered.

"Is that who you thought was going to put us in danger?"


Fresh tears fell from my eyes with the realisation that I was the one to put Lloyd in danger, not Morro. His mum took me to a room and sat me down.

"[Y/n], it's okay. No one blames you. You couldn't have known what was going to happen."

"But, I should've-"

"Nonsense, I have to alert the others. Stay right here, you're safe."

She had the same comforting aura as Lloyd, he must've learnt from her. As she left, Wu came in and sat on the chair next to me.

"Are you mad at me?"

"If I was angry with you, this staff would be hitting you on the head." He laughed.

I smiled a little. "What about Lloyd's mum?"

"Misako doesn't have room in her heart for any such emotion as anger. She is still completely in love with my brother, she has spent most of her life looking for a cure for the evilness inside of him."

"What are we going to do?" I looked down at my hands, fiddling with the zip on Lloyd's hoodie. I hadn't given him it back, now I was glad I hadn't. He made me feel calm, and this was the closest thing I could get to him at the moment.

"We can't be sure, until we know what Morro wants."

"I'm sorry, he didn't give me any clues as to what he wanted."

"Don't apologise. The Ninja will figure it out, they're good at what they do."

Misako came back into the room, a troubled look etched on her face.

"They said they can't use their powers."

"Is that bad?"

"Very." Wu muttered.


By the time everyone else had gotten to the monastery it was beginning to grow dark. Wu had briefed them all on what had happened, also giving away that I had figured out their identities.

We were beginning to think that Morro wasn't going to show up, that he didn't want to hurt any of us... yet. Wu checked outside once more, and a gust of wind went through the monastery, blowing out some candles that were acting as light.

"What was that?" I asked.


On the other side of the courtyard stood Lloyd, however his usual golden hair had been replaced with dark black and his eyes were now grey. His skin was almost void of all colour, a faded, grey version of himself.

The others rushed out, leaving me and the adults to watch from the doorway.

"What do you want from us?"

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