Chapter 42 • Ocean blue eyes

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Have a great read <3

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Sebastian Knight

I let out a sigh as I entered the King's mansion where my daughter is, words can't describe how much I miss her.

I climbed up the stairs heading towards her room that Ares told me the direction of. He also told me how one of him and Alessandro used to come here in their breaks from the hospital to check on her and I'm so grateful to them.

But of course, Ares being Ares, when I said that I'm grateful for him he replied with, 'She is my niece idiot, of course, I will look after her', to be honest. I got used to his attitude, also I think it's kinda funny how his mood swings.

When I stopped in front of her room, my eyes scanned the gold board with the name Madeline written on it in beautiful handwriting.

I knocked on the door softly and I could hear her placing something back in its place before the sound of her small toes running towards the door filled my ears.

The door slowly opened as one of her eyes pecked through the small gap. I heard her adorable gasp before the door flew open and her body was in my arms.

"Dada!" She screams as her arms wrapped around my neck tightly. "Hey, sweetheart" I muttered into her blond hair holding her as if she will disappear if I let go.

"I missed you so much Dada, I thought you aren't coming bawk" She cries out into my neck and all I did is hug her tighter as I walked into her room, "I will always come back to you princess" I whisper softly into her ears.

"I lowbe you" I smile at her adorable way of saying 'I love you' as I sat on her bed, "I lowbe you too baby" I copied her sweet adorable voice.

"How are yowu?" Maddy asks and I placed her on my lap, "I'm great, what about you angel?" I placed a kiss on her temple.

"I want you to stay," She said wrapping her arms around me, "Where is Ma-Wosa?" She asks and I let out a sigh before pushing her blond hair away from her face frame.

"Listen Maddy–" She tilts her head with a frown and I took a deep breath before talking again, "–Rosa is really your mother, she is your mother" A frown forms on her face.

"How?" She looks at me with her confused blue eyes, "Your bad parents, were friends with Rosa's husband. When you were born, he took you away and gave you to them, and Rosa tried finding you but failed" I couldn't tell her that she was sold to these fuckers, I just couldn't say the word.

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