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5 years later (in 2031)

"MOMMY!" 4 year old colton yelled, trying to find his mother.

"in here colie!" gianna shouted.

"mommy, thea is trying to cut my hair!" he sobbed as his twin sister appeared.

"not true! colie took my dolly and put in the toilet!"

"where's the doll athena?"

"daddy is taking it out. colie flushed it and the toilet went boom boom"

"you clogged it?!"

"i'm sorry!" he cried.

"it's okay colie just be careful next time" she smiled. "now watch theo and cece while i go talk to dad"

gianna placed her other set of twins on her bed and ran to the bathroom.

"can you tell me what the fuck happen for colton to flush athena's doll?"

"he told me that he asked thea to play cars with him and she said no. so he took the doll and flushed it so that made thea run after him"

"well let me tell you that our daughter was running with scissors to cut his hair"

"oh my lord" he laughed nervously.

"why are you laughing?! our daughter was trying to be our son's barber and i haven't slept in 27 hours because the twins were crying the whole night" she sat on the toilet.

"which set of twins? was it the babies?"

"no, thea and colie. they've been so energetic since yesterday i don't understand why"

"uh- yeah me neither! well i gotta go uh... help matt with um... stuff" chris stuttered, walking out of the bathroom as fast as he can.

"hold it" he turned to his wife.

"yes beautiful wife that i've loved for 24 years?" he innocently said.

"do you have something to do with the kids being hyper?"

"whaaaat?" his voice pitched.

"chris tell me"

"fine" he sighed.


i was in the kitchen making lunch for my family when i felt two bodies against my legs.

"who's on my legs?" i 'cluelessly' said, as my kids started to laugh.

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