Chapter 43 • Reunion

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Have a great read amores <3

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Madeline Knight

"We are here princess" I heard Dada say in my ear and I opened my eyes to see Mama, uncle Sandro, uncle Ares, Grandma Ana, and Grandpa Si.

But mommy wasn't okay, she wasn't fine like daddy said. If she is then why does she look so tired? And...why is she in the hospital? She didn't get hurt, daddy said she is okay.

Daddy puts me down and I ran towards the bed. I just saw my mommy in my head, I didn't want to see all these people who are my family. I just feel loved by mommy and daddy, I didn't stay a long time with my uncles and grandparents.

"Mommy" I call her and I tried getting on her big bed but it was tall. "Let me help you Maddy" uncle Sandro picks me up on Mommy's bed.

"Hey princess" mommy pulls me into a hug, I didn't want to touch her because I didn't want to hurt her. But since she touched me and pulled me to her, I guess it's okay to touch her. She won't hurt me if I did what I think is right like the bad people used to, right?

My body felt so good and warm when I hugged my mommy, knowing that she is my real family. She made me feel loved, I didn't know what that even meant before I meet daddy and her.

I just want the nightmares to go away.

Sebastian Knight

My body wasn't responding to me as I tried to move my legs and my eyes were refusing to believe that she was awake, she fought and survived all the pain.

All of her family were staring at me, waiting for me to move or say something but I was still too shocked to believe what I was really feeling or even fucking feel.

After a long while, Maddy and Rosa pull away and Rosa placed Maddy in her lap, being aware that she won't be that comfortable sitting away from her.

She looks up at me and when my eyes met hers I felt my heart skipping beats and not just a beat. The eyes I have been wishing and dreaming to see for the past weeks had finally connected with my own eyes.

She smiled weakly, the pain was clear in her features but I still refuse to see it. I just couldn't accept the fact that she has to go through this pain and I couldn't do anything to stop it from happening.

Without saying any words, Anastasia grabs Silas's arm and walks out of the room telling him something in his ear. Ares and Alessandro did the same understanding the whole sensation that was happening.

I snapped out of my state and finally found the ability to feel my emotions and my body. I walked towards her until I stopped right next to the bed, Madeline and Rosa look at me but Rosa had some tears fighting to slide down her cheeks.

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