Fifty Six

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"You are a hurricane of a girl; remember to breathe every once in a while, do not drown within your own storm."
~ Unknown

Track 57; Seize The Power By YONAKA

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The ring in your ears was a foreign oddity that overpowered the static, one similar to the sound of a television on a nonexistent channel. It was piercing, and you had no way to muffle it. You couldn't move your hands, they were restricted to some capacity. Same with your wings. Your eyes were heavy, as if somebody had glued them shut. Unable to do much against the overwhelming ache in the back of your head, you slipped back into an unconscious state.

You found yourself inside a living room. Everything melted into your vision one item at a time, like the room was being put together piece by piece around you. Slowly but surely, you felt tears prick at the corner of your eyes. The couch that sat with its back a few feet away from the kitchen island, facing a small television on a bamboo-colored entertainment center. The window to the left of the couch had a pair of white curtains, revealing an old street you knew from your childhood: home.

You look down to your legs, finding your favorite old pair of pajama shorts on your hips and your bare toes dig into the shallow, soft carpet underneath you. A soft sensation brushes against the back of your calves, and you turn to find Yoshio rubbing his head against you. When you say his name, his dark topaz eyes look up at you and he chirps gently.

Your heart skips a beat when another set of paws comes bounding down the hallway; Momo. What was she doing here? She hadn't even been born when you still lived at the old apartment, the one you had grown up in.

You nearly leap out of your own skin when you feel two hands settle on your hips from behind, and you whirl around. Your heart leaps into your throat when you meet a set of warm, golden eyes melting into your own. His ashy blond hair shadows over his left, and he reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind your head; Keigo.

"How did you sleep?"

You weren't sure how you felt being this close to him. You felt betrayed, knowing what he had told you. Every nerve inside of your body told you to shove him away from you, to kick him out of the apartment. Yet you did the opposite: flinging your arms around his neck and holding him close. You let your eyes fall shut and you drink in his scent. He pulls you into him, letting his thumbs massage circles into the small of your back just under your wings.

"Someone's cuddly this morning." He teases, and you flatten your lips.

This is too good to be true, having him here with you.

You haven't had access to your childhood home in over a year.

This was a dream.

A pit of anxiety transformed into a black hole that was suffocating.

What was happening here?

How was this dream going to end?

"(Y/N)? You're up early." A voice pierced your frothing thoughts, making your breath leave your lungs.

You haven't heard that voice since you were fifteen.

You immediately forgot about your husband, turning around fast enough again to give yourself whiplash.

Behind you, at the opening of the hallway, stood your father.

Your heart has officially stopped. He stood tall, (color) hair covering bright turquoise eyes. He was in his pajamas, like he had just woken up. Attached to his back were wings mirroring yours—a light azure blue that morphed into dark blue and then violet towards the end of his feathers. Lining each one were small, sparkling constellations.

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