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Chapter 13?
Philza's POV:

By the way, I am 6 years-old and Grian is 5 years-old, turning '6 though!
As I woke up, I felt the warmth of Grian press against my body, I hugged him tightly and sighed.

He giggled and hugged me back, "Y-You're awake!" I exclaimed, he looked up at me and smiled softly, "Yeah. . . I woke up just a few minutes ago and was waiting for one of our dad's, or you, to wake up!" He yawned after saying the sentence and stretched.

"So, what do you want to do now?" He asked me, and slightly tilted his head, waiting for my response.
I shrugged my shoulders and sighed, "I forgot, isn't it my first day of school today? Well, our first day of school today?" I asked him, he pricked his ears up and let out a long groan of disappointment.

"Damn it. . . I don't want to go!!" He sighed loudly, he hugged my and nuzzled his face in my chest, I patted his head and shook my head, "We have to go, I'll start by making breakfast," even though I was only 6-years old, I knew how to make breakfast, unlike Grian which is already close to my age, I thought to myself miserably.

When I was done, we both packed our bags and had Scott, our dad, drive us there.
"Have a great day at school you too, and remember, do not get in trouble!" He chuckled at the last bit and smiled, "We know!" Me and Grian said at the same time, we headed in and found out classroom, I wonder what school is going to be like!. . .

Jimmy's POV:

As I heard Scott come back from dropping Philza and Grian off at school, I sat up and felt weird. . .
Like, hørny?
What!? N-No! I can't be hørny! C-can I? I asked myself in my thoughts, I shook the thoughts off and sighed heavily.

"Hey Jimmy!" I heard Scott's voice call to me, I sat up and smiled, "Hey honey! <3" I giggled, when he sat down next to me, I rested my head on his chest and purred softly.
"Want to watch a move?" He asked me, I nodded and we turned the TV on and began to watch, I looked at Scott and realised how handsome he really is, I never though I would be in-love with a vampire, but here I am, I guess. . .
I turned my head back to the TV screen and kept on watching the movie in wonderment.

When the movie finished, I felt Scott kiss me on the sheet, I kissed him back and purred.
I rubbed my face against his cheek, he smiled as he scratched behind my ear, "U-Umm, Scott?" Wow, what a perfect time to ruin a moment, Jimmy! I heard a voice speak to me in my head, No! It isn't ruining it!

"Yes Jimmy? My lovely husband~" he smirked at the last part and I giggled, "How w-would you say if you want to. . ." I trailed off and looked at him and shuddered.

He didn't seem to get it and tilted his head to the side, "'Want to' what?" He asked me, confuse a bunch, it was funny because he was always the one to be thinking about sēx, but not this time, I guess.
"W-Want to fuck, with me?" I looked away and blushed madly, he turned bright red and swallowed the lump forming in his throat, "I-I, I don't know what to say! We h-haven't done this in a long time, and what if you get pregnant again?" He asked me.

Shit, I didn't think about that.
But, I highly doubt I even will get pregnant again, when we/felines get combined or fused with a human, it's like we can only be pregnant and be impregnated once.

"No, I won't get pregnant, trust me, please??" I looked at him and felt my pupils expand, he blushed and giggled softly, he rubbed my cheek and nodded, "Okay then, if you're sure, we can do it, I'll make sure I don't break you~" he smirked.
I giggled and looked at him with that playful/lustful look.
God, how much can I love this fucking vampire?~ Huh?~~. . .

Philza's POV:

When our dad's picked us up, I immediately went to my room and started napping for a while, god, was school very tiring but I'll be honest, it was interesting!

Grian made a new friend called 'Scar' and he came over to hang our for a while, although, Grian made many friends for the first day at school, and I get it, I'm probably boring to everyone but why should I care about their opinion about me? All I want to do is learn new things everyday, that's what school is meant for, right?

I don't know, don't ask me about,p it, "Griannnnn, you're so annoying!!" I heard from the other room, a.k.a Grian's room, "No I'm not! I am awesome!" I heard him say proudly, yeah right I thought to myself.

I leant against the Grian's doorway and say Scar under him and Grian 'proudly' laying on top of pf him and laughing, "Aww, Grian! You didn't tell me you had a boyfriend!" I chuckled, I love annoying Grian, I know I'm a menace but shut up!

"HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!! GET OUT!" He yelled to me and pushed me from the doorway and slammed the door shut, yeah, they're definitely going to kiss while I'm outside, I thought to myself. . .

At night, when Scar left, I couldn't sleep, I woke up and walked to their bedroom, I peeked through the door-crack and heard some slapping off skin and saw my father, Scott, laying on top of him and moving his hips and heard Jimmy saying it just making the noise; 'Ahh~' 'Hah~' 'So good and big~' 'faster Scott!~~'

What where they doing? I didn't care to much to be honest, I walked back to my room and flopped face-down on my bed and let out a big sigh and fell asleep really quickly. . .

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