Chapter 44 • White roses

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Sebastian Knight

"Hey! Maddy I think that's enough" I rubbed my forehead since I have been in this fucking store for three hours straight, waiting for Madeline to finish designing Rosa's bouquet.

The girl has turned into the most precise girl I have ever seen, she always changes the white fucking roses saying there is a pink color in them. Like I didn't even see any fucking pink.

"Daddy! All of them have pink spots and I don't want that" Madeline whined crossing her arms with a pout and I rolled my eyes cursing under my breath as I got up from my chair and walked towards her.

"They are all white, I see no pink" I'm exhausted, the worker is exhausted and little miss Maddy is still running all around the shop carelessly.

"Yes, there is! Look!" I rolled my eyes at her before looking at the worker, "Bring any white roses for god sake before I fucking lose it" I grit as the worker rushes inside one of the stockrooms.

I heard a loud dramatic gasp coming from Maddy and I looked down at her, "You said a bad word! I'm going to tell mommy" She glares at me and I raised my eyebrows at her, "Okay" I shrugged.

"ты глупый" my eyes widened when she said a Russian word, "What did you say? How do you even know Russian?" She crosses her arms and smirks at me, "Uncle Ares taught me"
{ you're stupid }

Fuck you, Ares.

"Okay I found these completely white roses, they have just arrived a few hours ago that's why they were inside" The worker walked towards the table but Madeline call out for him, "No! I want to see them" She yells placing her hands on her hips.

This is my fault for spoiling her too much.

And no, she stops being the polite sensitive little angel when she wants something to be absolutely perfect. I know what she really wants, she wants to make it perfect to make people happy. She wants to give what she couldn't have and that by itself have me proud of her for being such a good soul.

She scans the white roses with her grayish-blue eyes before letting out a satisfied hum, "Okay, they are good" The worker nods and started to design the bouquet.

"How much time will it take?" I asked glancing at my watch, "About 10 minutes sir" The worker replied and I ran a hand through my hair. "Hey Mads, let's go and get some coffee and come back, okay?" I said grabbing my phone.

"Okay," She shrugs before looking at the worker, "Don't ruin it if you don't want daddy to fire you from this job sir" She giggles oh so innocently and I facepalm myself before grabbing her and getting out of the store.

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