Chapter 45 • Morning kisses

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have a great read hotties <3

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Rosa King

"Aw, we didn't we do like that when we were younger" I heard a female voice say and I opened my eyes at the sounds of different voices.

"Oh shut up, we did way better" I knew that was papa, "Don't tell me to fucking shut up asshole" Mama grits, okay I should differently get up before they start a fight.

"Uhm, good morning" I murmured with my eyes opened slightly, "Good morning my love, I see you spend a great time with them" Mama smiles looking between Sebastian and Madeline who are still sleeping.

"Yeah" I smiled at the warmth I felt from Seb's hoodie, feeling his skin and how happy it makes me to be in his arms. Loved and protected, and having Madeline in my arms, my daughter was unimaginably amazing.

Sebastian and Madeline were still asleep so I carefully slipped out of Seb's hoodie. His eyebrows frown and his head drop on my shoulder making a small smile appear on my face.

"Do you need something sweetheart?" Papa asks after I stretched, "I need the bathroom" I murmur, a part of me was still not excepting the fact that I can't walk. Every time I slept I hoped it was a nightmare, but eventually, I have to face my reality.

"Okay..." Papa sighs, seeing the pain flashing in my eyes as he gently removed the covers from me. He gently slides his hands under my legs and upper body as he picked me up, asking me if he didn't hurt me in any kind of way.

Mama was following right behind him as he walks into the bathroom with me in his arms, he places me on the toilet and Mama wrapped her arms around me to hold me still.

Papa kisses my forehead before walking out of the bathroom closing the door behind him, Mama helped me with washing my face and brush my teeth after I finished doing my business.

When I was done, Mama opens the door and calls Papa. He comes in and picks me up carrying me to the bed and placing me on it gently. Why does it fucking hurt so bad?

"Mama?" I heard a low voice whisper beside me, I glanced down to see Madeline opening her eyes slowly as she sat up, "Good morning princess" I whisper softly as I helped her to sit straight.

"Morning" She mutters rubbing her eyes and I kissed her forehead. Mama and papa took their seats on the chair beside my bed from the other side, I helped Madeline with sitting up and pushing her blond hair off her face.

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