Momentary Bliss

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"What possible use could ever be made of the rest of a life which had been nothing but a series of false starts

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"What possible use could ever be made of the rest of a life which had been nothing but a series of false starts."


Thea reappeared just as suddenly as she had disappeared.

Diego, Lila and Mr Pennycrumb had finally hunted down Five, who they found in a mad frenzy; a wooden table was in scattered pieces behind him and the broken leg gripped in his hand as he hacked away at the wallpapered wall like a mad man. The two had tried pulling him away, shouting for him to stop, over the delusional ramblings of 'she's in here, I know it!' in an attempt at stopping him from hurting himself.

Even Mr Pennycrumb had bitten down on his trouser leg, trying to tug him away.

However, they all fell silent when the final swing broke through, revealing a splintered ray of light from within the dark green walls. Taking a closer look, they could see that there was another room behind it.

Five had been right.

No longer fighting, the three of them used their strength to chip away at the remaining wall standing in their way, Lila tearing the garish wallpaper away while Diego used his knives to hack away at the bricks. It was tough work but soon enough the three of them stood, triumphant, before a hole carved into the wall big enough for them to climb through.

"Woof!" Mr Pennycrumb announced but whined when nobody replied. Without his mistress, nobody could understand anything he said. He needed her back, immediately!

Five wasted no time and disappeared inside into the mysterious room.

"Why didn't you just, you know, pop in here?" Lila drawled. "Or do you just enjoy the dramatics?"

"Something was stopping me," he glared at her, only to whip around at the sound of Diego's astonished cry.

"I know this place!" Diego announced, spinning around to take everything in; the bright, gaudy furnishings were too eccentric to forget so easily. "This is the White Buffalo Suite."

"Excuse me?" Lila said with a quirked smile, the name of the room only the tip of the fucked-up iceberg they were currently heading towards, full speed. "When exactly was this trip?" she asked with a raised brow. Idly flicking the peacock-feather cushion which decorated the sofa with a wry smile. "I hadn't taken you for a man who enjoyed such flagrant wealth. I didn't think you even had money," she mumbled that last part, smirking at his affronted expression.

"I was here when Klaus die– uhm," he coughed. "That is, when Klaus was looking after Stan. You know, after the Sparrows attacked."

"Uh-huh," Lila hummed dubiously, eyeing him with a cocked brow.

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