Chapter 46 • "It means bitch"

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Rosa King

Today I will be out of the hospital, I can't really say that my happiness is indescribable because Seb has been kinda bad since he is alone, without Alejandro beside him.

He told me that he called him another time and asked what was going on, according to Sebastian he said that he needed a break, no one knows what really happened but Seb said he was crying over the phone.

Seb also said how he kept saying "I don't want to see any familiar faces", and that sentence kept coming from him repeatedly. What I get is that something happened to him, and he wants to stay away from some people that will remind him of something he is fighting to forget.

When I heard Alejandro's voice, I could tell he changed. He became so broken, the pain was clearly shown in his voice and low sobs were heard when he speaks. I almost ended up crying with him.

Seb and he will stay in touch though, We understand Alejandro and how he wants to focus on himself. I mean, at the end of the day we all need to take care of ourselves. Especially after a bad event.

"Are you ready?" Mama's voice snaps me back to reality and I looked at her, eyes falling on the wheelchair in front of me. I ignored the tug in my chest at the sight as I nodded.

"Sebastian and your father are talking to the doctors but we will go home before them, Madeline is waiting there with Ares and Sandro" Mama informs me as some nurses came closer to us.

The nurses gently placed me in the wheelchair with the help of my mother. Mama had been with me through so much, she helped me with everything I need, and that makes me so happy that I'm lucky to have these amazing people as my parents.

I tugged my denim jacket at the coldness that I felt when we exited the room walking in the hallway towards the elevator. One of the nurses was pushing my wheelchair as Mama walked beside me.

Looks of pity from people only make it worse, I lowered my gaze down to my lap and stared at my phone. Avoiding their pity looks, bitch, I still can kill you.

Soon we are inside the elevator, moving down towards the exit of the hospital. When the elevator doors opened and we moved out, I stared at our men who were clearing the way so that I can leave safely.

Don't ask, my parents became so protective, especially after everything that happened.

Thanks to the help of the nurse and Mama, I was in the car and the driver started driving back to our house. I will be living in my parent's house until I finish my treatments and I think Seb will move into one of the guest rooms.

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