Chapter 47 • Gorgeous face

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Have a great read hotties <3

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Ares King

"It's the last thing! I swear" Madeline runs away to grab the last ingredient we need-or no, actually we don't need anything more than this.

The fact that I'm pushing two fucking trollies is something I need to process excepting. This little spoiled baby is ordering me around and I don't know what to think about it.

"That's enough Mads" I sighed when she throws another pack of chocolate chips inside the trolley, "Okay" She sighs and we started making our way towards the cashier.

The guy who works here looks at our things with wide eyes. I groan under my breath before taking out my credit card and giving it to my bodyguard who is pushing the other trolley.

"Pay for everything and place it in the car and when it's done call me" I demand him as I handed him the card. He nods and I picked up Maddy and walked out of the store.

We entered the ice cream shop that wasn't so far and I noticed Madeline's eyes immediately lit up. She demands me to put her down and I put her down. This is the first and definitely the last time I'm taking her out.

I stare at her as she runs towards the ice cream and started scanning the flavors with her eyes, the bright light of the ice machine only makes her eyes shine more.

I found myself smiling like an old parent, I cleared my throat and started to make my way toward Madeline. "Hello sir, what can I get for you and this little lady?" An old lady appears and looks at me and Mads.

"I don't really want anything, but she does. What do you want princess? Chocolate chip right?" I bent down to her level and asked, "Yup" Maddy nods.

"Okay, I will get one ch–" I was cut off by an unfamiliar voice, "One small vanilla" My eyes flicker to the person who spoke.

Dark brown long hair that reached her waist. A body of a goddess, the red dress hugged her curves in the most seductive way with red plump full juicy lips and a pair of gorgeous grey eyes.

Breathtaking, was the only word that was close to describing what I was seeing. Her dress didn't stop to give me glimpses of her breasts and the small tattoos on her skin, the name Joseph was tattooed on the side of her neck in the smallest handwriting.

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