Chapter 48 • Cookies

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Alessandro King

I frown when Ares enters the house, well...not looking good holding Madeline who looks the happiest, to say the least.

"Sandro, take care of her. I will come back" Ares sighs letting go of Madeline and I noticed that there was something wrong with his shoulder since he is holding into it.

"Hey, what happened?" I asked when he walked past me, "She fucking happened" He clenches his jaw, continuing to walk away. Damn, he sounds mad.

"How was your day sweetie?" I bent down to Maddy's level, wrapping my arms around her when she walked to me. "Good, uncle Ari was a little mad" She mutters with a pout.

"Is it because I get a lot of things? I thought it was okay" She looks down at her fingers. "Oh no baby, he is just tired" I picked her up and stared at the maids as they started to take all of the things to arrange them in the kitchen.

"Uncle Sandro?" Maddy calls when we took a seat on the couch, "Mhm?" I hum placing her on my lap. "Does uncle Ari have a girlfriend?" She asks and I choked on the fucking air.

"Why are you asking?" I asked looking at her. Hoping she would spill something without knowing, "Okay so...cheating is a bad thing, right?" She tries raising her eyebrow but ends up raising both.

"Yeah..." I nodded and she clapped her hands, "Uncle Ari was talking to a girl today, don't tell his girlfriend if he has one because the girl was really pretty" my jaw fucking dropped.

"Really?" I scoffed under my breath and faked being shocked, "No, he doesn't have a girlfriend -who would want to be with that psycho" I murmured with an eye roll.

"Mhm...what about you uncle Sandro? Do you have a girlfriend?" Maddy smirks and I made a bored face. "I had, not anymore" I shrugged rolling my eyes.

"You don't have anymore? Why?" She asks placing her chin on my chest, "Because...she was a сука" I smirk at the cute shocked face she made.

"Why there are so many суки?" Madeline rolls her eyes before gasping as if something popped into her head. "Let's make cookies!"

"Now?" I asked and she jumps off me, "Yes! Before mommy and daddy come! Please" She gives me those oh-so-innocent eyes and I groan under my breath.

She showed up out of nowhere and has everyone hooked.

"Fine" I rolled my eyes and let her pull me by my hand towards the kitchen. The maids were still organizing her stuff so we waited for a few minutes until they were done.

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