Chapter 49 • Beautiful bastard

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Rosa King

"Okay love, we are doing this together okay? You're not alone" Sebastian kisses my hand as the doctor kneels in front of me. "Are you ready Ms.King?" The doctor asks and I nod, letting out a deep breath.

He grabs my right leg and wraps his hands around my ankle and started moving it in small slow circles, I couldn't feel anything. But they said it's just a process they always do before I go and stand between the two handrails.

Mama and Papa were standing there, looking at me with a smile on their faces but the pain was clear in their eyes. Even Seb is here with me even though he is in pain. Seeing me like this along with the leaving of Alejandro still hurts him.

I let out a shaky exhale when the doctor moves to my second leg and do the same process he did to my right one. Sebastian felt me tighten my hold on his hand and he sighs.

He stands up and goes behind me, resting his elbows on my chair as he took both of my hands in his. He kisses the top of my head before resting his chin at the same spot, having the warmth of his body around me makes me feel so much better.

The doctor does the process to both of my legs for a good 15 minutes before he lets go. Nervousness and fear filled my body when I realized that it was time now.

It's not that I'm afraid of the pain or something. I'm just afraid that it might not work, what if I stayed like this forever? Fuck I can't let that happen when I still have a chance.

"Look at me baby" Seb appears in front of me, bending down to my level and cupping my face in his warm hands. "I'm with you, we are all here for you. Calm down" He whispers kissing my hands.

"Okay," I sighed closing my eyes for a few seconds before opening them when I heard the doctor call out for me, "Excuse me" Sebastian steps away a little to give the doctor a space to push my wheelchair close to the area.

There were two handrails next to each other and I had to hold onto them as the doctor and nurses help me to move my legs every step. Okay Rosa you got this.

The doctor stops pushing my chair right in between the handrails. He came in front of me and took a hold of my hands, Sebastian was aware of what he is supposed to do since he talked with the doctor.

I felt the muscular strong arms of Sebastian holding me as he gently picked me up. Carrying my weight in his arms until my hands connected with the handrails.

Sebastian didn't let go of me, the doctor kneels down as he helped me to move my legs to take slow steps. Sebastian was holding me really gently to let me feel some weight on my legs.

My hands were holding the rails so tightly as I felt a very weird annoying feeling starting to wash over my body. "Shit" I groan when the doctor moves my feet as I take another step.

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