Poor Massimo, Savage Ashton

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"He loathed dad and hated him so much for what he had done. He used to call mother, Principessa, and dad used to mimic him, hurting mother more in the process. That's why the word Principessa haunts me a lot. So many people use it in so many different ways and what happened at the end? The principessa died. As simple as that.

Butttt......" he rubbed my chin with the pad of his thumb lightly, "I wouldn't let my principessa die."

I swooned, "Oh, my female hormones."

"They are supposed to be females, I would doubt even Massimo if he ever said that."

And I decided to remain quiet and didn't tell him that Massimo had actually said that when Ashton woke up from the coma. He had said it over the phone and I decided to let the poor man off the hook as Ashton would insult the shit out of him and-

I blurted out, "When you woke up from the coma, Massimo did say oh my female hormones or something along these lines to me over the phone." -I had no intention of saying this, but I knew the relationship between Ashton and Massimo. Shit's gonna be fun, man.

He stared at me, all funny and shit when he picked up his phone and called someone. Laughing, I laid on his chest and nuzzled my face in his neck, "Don't tease him a lot, he was worried pretty sick for you."

I heard some voice from the other end of the phone when Ashton responded, "Can you book a meeting with a gynecologist tomorrow?"

Lifting my head up, I asked him to put it on speaker when Massimo's voice drifted from the other side, "Sure, why? Is Sophia expecting?"

"No, I just wanted your lady parts and lady hormones to be checked."

I pressed my mouth against Ashton's naked chest to avoid the giggle from escaping when there was silence at the other end. There was pin-drop silence when Ashton's chest shook with silent laughter as he asked, "Why are you silent? Are you going into labour?" And accidentally...... a laugh slipped out of Ashton's mouth, the sound so fucking calming and beautiful.

Massimo fumed, "Ooooooo that sonovabitchhhhhhhh."

Erupting into massive laughter, Massimo also chuckled hearing me roaring in laughter as Ashton ended the call.


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