L. Familiar Names

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Two weeks have passed since their little vacation at Jeju Island. Quite a lot of things have happened since then.

First, Minji and Heeseung finally got together - they are now an official couple. From Heeseung's perspective, it took quite a while. 3 years wasn't that long, at least for him. As for Minji, she was more than happy to go to school every day and see her boyfriend. It was her first ever romantic relationship, so naturally, she would treasure it as much as possible.

She had that warm and bubbly feeling inside her every time she saw her lover. She'd immediately change her attitude, from her being tired and lazy to acting cute every time they meet. She always hopes that she'd make him flustered by her cuteness. A quite stereotypical and cringe reaction, but hey, she's trying her best.

They'd do everything together if they can. From trying to match each other's break times in order to eat, to visit each other's parents, to just lying down and staring at the ceiling due to laziness. Additionally, they often come to school together. She's been commuting to school with Sunoo for the past 3 years, but then ditched that routine and her best friend when Heeseung started picking her up from her apartment, both riding his car. 

Though it's not like they completely ignored Sunoo.

They tried their best to invite him since Sunoo's place is in close proximity to Minji's. But Sunoo would refuse all the time.

Though in the end Heeseung and Minji got together and both are happy, Sunoo cannot get over the fact that he once planned to sabotage their relationship for his own personal gains. He hasn't forgiven himself for even thinking of it - so until he has done that AND apologized to the two, he'd stay away as much as he can.

However, he has also stayed away from other friends such as Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon. As if his current dilemma regarding Heeseung and Minji weren't taking a toll on him, he also recently found out that he'd have to start working part-time. With the incapability of his parents to send allowance to him due to unforeseen financial reasons, Sunoo had to start earning for himself.

He's too busy with school and his part-time job to have time to relax with friends. Plus, he's deliberately straying away so that no one finds out about his issue. Why? Because he's ashamed. Ashamed to go from Kim Sunoo who's down to party anytime to Kim Sunoo who is struggling to pay rent.

And to add up even more problems, he and Ni-ki are falling out. Whether it was a platonic or romantic relationship, the point is - they hardly talk to each other through text or in person. It makes Sunoo sad that he can no longer lean on Ni-ki's shoulder, especially in this time of crisis.

Through the eyes of Ni-ki, the emotions are the opposite, but the sense of loneliness is also there. Even tho his group had a successful debut, and had won their first show win within less than a month, he felt empty as soon as he entered their dorm. Leaving his friends for a long period of time made him feel lonely.

"Aeri, this is what we were telling you. Boys like Levi are weirdos. You should have known that the moment you saw him. Now, look at you, depressed because he ghosted you."

There is another love-related issue, but this time with younger members of the friend group. Since the day that Heeseung and Levi bumped into each other in the resort, Aeri hasn't seen Levi.

She asked the teachers that were with them on the trip, but they answered that Levi had to go home due to a 'family problem'. It was fine at first, Aeri totally understood the situation. But she hasn't seen him in school for the past 2 weeks as well.

To think that they might have had a chance, but then he disappears - the situation left Aeri staring at the floor, deep in thought.

"I tried going to his house, but I was greeted by a middle-aged man. He said there's no one named Choi Levi living in the house." Aeri spoke.

"Maybe he left. He's my classmate, but he hasn't shown up to class lately." One of Aeri's friends replied. "There are more boys out here who are more than happy to go out with you. Just stop thinking about him."

"I won't do that. I'll wait for him. I know he won't just leave like that and not come back." she insisted.

"It's weird, he's not the only one who's been missing. I also have this other friend - well, not really a friend, more like an acquaintance. I also haven't seen him." Aeri added.

"Ohh yeah, I remember that guy. Yang something, I forgot his name. College student, doesn't talk a lot, not that tall. I heard that he stopped going to school because the girl he was trying to court suddenly got a boyfriend."

"Hmm?" Aeri thought. It seems like her friend was perfectly describing Heeseung and Minji. "How did you know that?" she asked.

"I just know a lot of people from different year levels and departments, so I have multiple sources of information."

"Oh? Lee Heeseung and Hwang Minji are finally dating?? My my, that's quite the news." A taller female with a strong aura spoke as she stared at the trio of friends.

Aeri lifted her head up to look at the female towering over them. The female's gaze pierced through their souls, sending this weird and unexplainable feeling to crawl up their skin.

"Don't look at these girls like that. People might think you're bullying them." A male said as he stood behind her like a shadow.

"Ahh, you're right. My mistake. I wouldn't want to scare these ladies who were kind enough to tell us more about the people we're looking for." the female said with a sly laugh.

"You're looking for Heeseung and Minji?"

"Yes. Why do you want to know? Are you their friend?"

"Uhhh..." Aeri hesitated a bit. The female's attitude and way of speaking were quite odd. "Yes. Yes, I am. Should I tell them you're looking for them?"

"Not now. Sometime in the future. We'll keep in touch with you then, any friend of Hwang and Lee is a friend of ours." She said, meanwhile the man behind her just rolled his eyes.

"Oh, uh...okay then. But I didn't get your names."

The female paused for a while, malicious intent hidden within the sweet smile she then displayed. The male stood out as well despite standing behind her. He was like a bodyguard, making Aeri and her friends feel even more inferior.

"Call me Katusmi, and this handsome man behind me is Haku."

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