*-Tangled up-*

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☀️Sun POV☀️
It was our day off and I woke up at around 6. I looked over and didn't see Moon beside me. Weird. I assumed he was already up but once I got down to the daycare he still wasn't anywhere to be found.

I spotted a small and folded piece of paper on the arts and crafts table. I unfolded it and read it aloud to myself.

"Be back soon, Moon."

I was a bit sad but I didn't mind waiting! I placed the paper back down onto the table and skipped over to one of the mats.

A good 30 minutes went by and I started getting pretty bored. I laid down and stared at the star-covered ceiling.

I decided I would go back up to our room and grab a Fizzy Faz. Moon usually tells me to slow down on the Fizzy Faz but uh. .it will be fine!

I stood up and walked over to the rope ladder. While climbing I slipped and my leg got caught in the rope. I started to panic a bit. I squirmed around and tried to untangle my leg but it only made it get worse.

The rope ladder had suddenly came loose, making me fall onto the ground, which lucky for me, I wasn't that high up.

The ropes were practically wrapped around my whole body, my arms stuck behind my back and now both my legs tangled up. I had no other choice but to wait for Moon to get back and help me get out of this mess.

A few minutes go by and I hear the doors open. "Sun, I'm back." I felt slightly embarrassed just by hearing his voice. "Sun?" I gave in. "I'm over here!"

🌑Moondrop's POV🌑
I followed the sound of Sun's voice and found him tangled in some rope. I couldn't help but laugh a bit.

"Oh my, starlight~ How did you manage to get all tangled up like that?" We would create eye contact for a moment, then he immediately looked away.

"Please help me get out. ." I walked over to him and looked at him up and down. Shit. He looked good like that. Why waste a perfect opportunity like this?

I kneeled down and untangle him from some of the ropes, just so he wouldn't get hurt. I would tighten the ropes on his legs and arms. Sun looked at me with a confused expression. "What are you doing?"

I pushed him down onto the floor, Sun letting out a yelp in surprise. I leaned down and placed kisses down his neck, then down his chest, stopping at his waistline. I look back up and saw Sun just staring at me, blushing furiously.

I lean down more, keeping our faces only inches apart. I slid my tongue out of my mouth, trying to get a reaction from Sun. I wrapped it around his neck, Sun shivering a bit in my grasp. I look down at him, enjoying the sight.

I eventually stop and let him go. Sun's whole face was covered in yellow. He scooted away from me, trying to untangle himself.

I would grab him by his legs and pull him back towards me, throwing them over my hips.

3rd Person POV
Moon would then kiss Sun on the lips, placing his hands on the sides of Sun's waist and gripping onto them gently. Sun would kiss back, still a bit flustered. Moon slid his tongue into Sun's mouth, making him let out an accidental moan.

He would pull out just to kiss him once again, using his tongue to explore Sun's cave. He eventually broke the kiss, giving both of them a chance to breath.

Moon suddenly turned Sun over. He grabbed his tied up wrists and pinned them above his head.

He gripped onto Sun's thighs, pulling him closer. He grinded against him, letting out a soft groan. He leaned down and reached a hand under Sun's waist, palming at his crotch.

Sun would let out a moan. "M-Moon. .mgh. . ." Moon slid his hand into Sun's pants, then began to jerk him off.

He leaned down and placed kisses all over his neck. Sun tilted his head to the side giving Moon more room, only for Moon to bite down harshly, making Sun moan loudly out of pain and pleasure.

Moon shortly started to pick up the pace, Sun eventually becoming a moaning mess. Moon leaned down and placed kisses down his spine. Sun felt himself getting close already.

"Moon! I-I'm gonna! Hah!~" Moon would pump Sun's tentacle faster, getting loud moans from him. He would use his other hand to make Sun face him, then kissed him on the lips, making sure no one would be able to hear his moans from outside the daycare.

Sun muffled out one last moan before releasing into Moons hand. Moon pulled out of the kiss and grinned. He licked all of Sun's cum off his hand, swallowing it. Sun panted heavily, letting his whole body give out. "You. ." Moon leaned in closer to Sun.

"I what? I'm listening." He would say, teasing Sun. "You jerk. . ."

Moon would start to untie Sun's legs, then arms. Once he was done, Sun felt instant relief. There was a pile of ropes lying on the floor from some of them being snapped in half, not to mention it came off the wall somehow.

Moon told Sun that it would probably take a few weeks to make a new one. For now, he would use his wire and carry Sun up to their room.

So sorry that this took so long to come out! I was having trouble trying to figure out what to write, but this is the best I could do! :)

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