Cardboard Box

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Word count: 2.1k

Warnings: swearing, kissing and I think that's it.

A/n: sorry I've been away! Work has been torture lately and I've been so exhausted. But I hope this makes up for my absence.

She/her pronouns used


Dustin Henderson's TV remote sat between you and Steve on his couch. You had just finished watching Nightmare on Elm Street with the party. You were reaching for the remote so that you could rewind since it was the kind thing to do. Steve must have had the same idea since he reached for the remote at the same time.

You felt his finger tips brush against yours. A chill went up your spine and goosebumps appeared. You sharply inhaled at the slight contact, your eyes flicked up toward his. He was already looking at you, blush crept up your neck and made itself at home on your cheeks. You hoped he didn't notice as you pulled your hand away, resting it in your lap.

He didn't notice the shiver than was sent up your spine from the brief contact. You glanced around the room, checking to see if anyone else could have possibly noticed the small exchange. Maybe it was accidental, maybe you were overthinking it and he was just stretching his fingers. You shook your head and tried to ignore it.

Things like this happened all the time between you and Steve. It was a common occurrence and you've grown use to it. You tried to ignore it at first but, how could you? The boy you've had a crush on had been leaving goosebumps on your skin with every little touch.

Brushing it off as accidental was easier than possibly getting your hopes up by thinking that the feelings you had were reciprocated when they weren't.

It was hard to believe that someone could be so oblivious, Steve often thought this to himself as he watched your hands retreat to your lap after he had just barely grazed them. He thought it was obvious that he had feelings for you. He thought that the amount of times you had caught him staring and the lingering touches were enough for you to get the hint.

Apparently they weren't.

He had only met you 6 months ago, the day you walked into Family Video following Max Mayfield had started out as one of the tougher days of his life. He ran out of hairspray that morning, his car wouldn't start, his gas tank was low, he slept through his alarm, it just wasn't that great of a day.

Max had strolled in an hour after his shift started, you followed behind her. She took you to the R-rated section, she picked out horror movies that she had been wanting to see. Steve watched you the entire time, Max had never mentioned having such pretty friend that was his age, he would like to think that she would've told him but, the truth is that she probably wouldn't.

You brought the movies to the counter, he had still been wrapped up in his own thoughts that he hadn't noticed you were at the counter until Max had harshly hit the bell that sat on the counter. His head snapped toward her and he fought the urge to roll his eyes as you tried to quietly scold her.

"It's fine, I know him." She shook her head at you and pushed the movies toward Steve. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion as you looked between Max and himself.

"He's Dustin's babysitter." She said as if it was obvious. Steve feigned offense and held a hand up to his chest.

"Looks like you have a babysitter too now, Mayfield." Steve smirked at Max as he scanned the movies that she had picked. She rolled her eyes and took the movies from Steve as you paid.

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