*-My Little Maid-*

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This has smut so if ur not comfortable with that feel free to skip :)

3rd Person POV
The day has already ended, it was around 6:00pm. Sun was cleaning up as always. Moon was sitting at the edge of the balcony, bored as hell. He watched Sun in the distance.

He couldn't take his eyes off of him. The whole day he's been touchy and Sun would have to remind him that they were literally in the middle of work.

He stood up and walked into their room. He looked over and spotted a thin door in the corner. 'Has that always been there?' He decided to check it out because he had nothing better to do.

He opened the door and looked inside before stepping into the room. It was a small space, looked like some kind of storage room.

He was about to leave until something caught his eye. He walked towards it then picked it up. He smirked to himself then left to go find Sun.

☀️Sundrop POV☀️
I was picking up some toys off the ground until I saw Moon behind me with a grin on his face. I didn't really think much of it.

I smiled. "Hi Moony! What's that?" I noticed him holding something behind his back. I could only see part of it. He held it up.

Wait. . Is that. . ?

"You mind putting this on for me, sweetheart?~" I stared at the Maid Dress. Where did he even find that? "Uh. . I don't know. ." I looked to the side, speechless.

He bent down and placed his finger on my chin. "Please?" I felt myself heat up a bit. I tried to refuse as politely as possible.

"Alright, I'll put it on for you then." He stood infront of me. "Wait WHA-" Before I could say anything else he had me pinned to the ground. I could feel him trying to force me into the dress. "MOON! WAIT!" I yelled, trying to squirm away. "ILL DO IT MYSELF!"

"Too late, starlight." He eventually managed to get the maid dress on me. I laid there under him, looking down at the piece of clothing. I covered my face in embarrassment.

H🌑Moondrop POV🌑
I looked down at the flushed Sun. I chuckled a bit. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" I stood up then helped Sun up. I grabbed him by his waist and pulled him closer to me. I went in for a kiss, slowly moving my hands up and down his waist.

I pulled out just to kiss him again. I slid my tongue into his mouth, feeling around. "Mmgh. ."I smirked. I pulled him even closer then slid my hand under his dress.

Before I could go any further he pulled out, panting. Once he caught his breath he spoke. "Are you happy? Can I take this off now?" He said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

I leaned down and placed a kiss on his neck. "Not yet." I held him close and continued to softly kiss his neck.

I slowly walked him towards a wall, pinning him. I kissed up his jawline, stopping at his lips. I traced the trail I made with my tongue. I turned him around and placed my hand on the back of his head, pushing it against the wall.

3rd Person POV
Moon gripped onto the rim of my pants, sliding them down. He positioned himself then slammed into Sun.

"AH!~ M-MOON!" He moaned, throwing his head back. Moon leaned down and kissed his neck, trying to distract him from the pain.

He paused, letting him adjust. After a second or two, he started to thrust into him at a decent pace. Sun glanced back at Moon, then closed his eyes. He bit down on his lip.

Moon gently nibbled on his neck. He gripped onto his waist and thrusted into him faster. "Fuck. ." He groaned.

It was hard for Moon not to be too rough with him. But his pretty moans were like music to his ears. He'd bit his lip harshly, trying to contain himself. He glanced down at Sun, who had already looked like a mess. He gave in.

He leaned down and kissed him on the lips. He started to pick up the pace. Sun's moans have definitely gotten louder, yet were muffled. Moon broke the kiss, wanting to hear him.

He attacked his neck instead. Kissing it, nibbling down on it. He pulled out, just to slam back into him. "HAH!~ S-slOw dowN!" Sun cried. "Ngh. .you feel so good. ."

The atmosphere in the room became hotter, Moon's thrusts became more and more sloppier.

"Starlight, I'm gonna. . .fuckk." He said, unable to make out words due to the pleasure. Sun tried to say something, but couldn't. He released onto his stomach, some of the white liquid getting on the padding.

Moon gave a few more slow, yet rough thrusts before releasing inside of him. Sun felt the hot liquid filling him up.

Moon slowly pulled out. Sun panted, whole body nearly giving out until Moon caught him. He wrapped his hands around his waist, leaning in to lick his neck.

"How about round two?"

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